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Top 5 Future Technology that will Transform the World

Do you want to know which latest technologies are going to change our lives in the future? To know more about these interesting technologies, read the full information.

In 1950, it was predicted by forecasters that airborne robots and flying cars will be seen from the year 2000s. In present times, there are various things such as social media networks; smartphones and live streaming that have dominated the world.

Well, there is no doubt in saying that predictions of those researchers become true. Presently, the world is on the brink of another revolution where self-driving vehicles, Android application development services, and robot assistant are going to transform the entire world significantly.

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Robot and Voice Assistants

There are various tech giants that have already developed robot assistants so that government, as well as companies, can use them in battlefields, factories etc. These robots are equipped with AI-powered cameras that can easily recognize hundreds of license plates in just a few minutes.

Besides this, robots can be used to detect suspicious activities and hence keep the intruders at bay. Apple Homepod and Amazon Echo are the best examples of voice assistants.

Well, there is no doubt in saying that artificial intelligence has contributed immensely towards the fast development of voice assistants. App developers are about to launch AR-powered headset to replace iPhone in the upcoming time period.

Driverless Vehicles

Volvo, Tesla, General Motors have pioneered the launch of autonomous vehicles. Self-driving technology is continuously evolving and it is expected that automakers will launch steering wheel-less cars, pedal in the coming time period.

Uber is also one of the leading firms that are presently focusing on sophisticated software development. Besides this, Uber also has teamed up with other investors to develop air-traffic control systems.

Various automakers also have joined hands with aircraft companies to develop prototypes that will help them to launch the beta program in the coming time period.

Regenerative Medicines

Medical professionals are on the brink of producing made-to-order human organs. Presently, doctors are utilizing technology to scrape cells off the human body and preserving them in labs for growth.

There are several companies who have designed 3D computers that are perfect for printing human organs without any hassle. In the coming time period, regenerative technology will go upwards and provide unique facilities to patients that they have not experienced yet with life-saving body parts for replacement.

Reusable Rockets

Sophisticated and powerful rockets can transport loads of equipment into space and this is one of the costliest procedures that are involved in space exploration. Although rocket scientists are continuously researching on the technique to the land rocket of any size into space so that they can reduce the cost of space exploration.


Hyperloop is a system of tubes in which pods travel free of air resistance or friction at a high speed. Hyperloop & Tesla are the biggest tech giants that are focusing on developing Hyperloop.

There are various advantages of hyperloop as passengers can travel at the speed of 600 miles per hour that is two times more than the speed of the train. Hyperloops projects are continuously developing in various parts of the world such as San Francisco & Baltimore.

Despite of advantages, various challenges are also involved in the development of Hyperloop such as building a vacuum tube over hundreds of miles of land. One of the biggest disadvantages of hyperloop is that it travels only in a straight line.

Futuristic Subways

Tesla and its founder Elon Musk have a well-deserved reputation in creating a localized, futuristic subway system. In the USA, the contribution of the new subway system is going at a slower pace but the futuristic loop is already being tried in Los Angeles.

Although Tesla has finished building its first stretch of a tunnel in the city that will be able to transport people in cars at the speed of 150 mph.  All such systems not only avoid traffic but also help people to commute swiftly.

In the coming time period, these pods will be considered as a super fast means of transportation.

Convertible cab cum store

Ride-sharing cars have the ability to metamorphose into various forms and this will not only increase the basic level of their functionality but also boost versatility. There are various mobile app development firms that are equipping their apps with VR technology.

Recently, Toyota has developed a vehicle known as e-Palette that is able to transform normal cab into a delivery van. In other words, a cab can become a T-Shirt store in the evening as well as food delivery van at night.

In the upcoming future, companies would also modify seats in buses so that they can make them convertible.


In the present time period, we are at the brink of another technological boom and various technologies are under development. Soon, we will see other exciting technologies that will go to mainstream & change the world in the process.

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