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Newzulu Prime signs clients

Newzulu Limited (ASX: NWZ) is pleased to announce that its Newzulu Prime platform ( offering crowd-sourced creative production services for commercial clients, advertising agencies and brands has commenced generating revenues having signed its first clients in Europe. Newzulu expects its Prime business, which applies the Newzulu Platform for the benefit of commercial clients, advertising agencies and brands, to make a material contribution to revenues in the 2016 financial year.

The Company is pleased to report the following Newzulu Prime success stories.


Essilor International S.A. is a French company that produces ophthalmic lenses along with ophthalmic optical equipment. It is based in Charenton-le-Pont, France, and quoted on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.Essilor required a film to create awareness among far-sighted individuals about the benefits of owning a second pair of glasses that specifically meet their needs.

After a two-week pitch, Newzulu Prime shortlisted and shared 25 concepts for the film, mostly from French directors, as per Essilor’s request. Within three weeks the first rough-cut of the film was reviewed by Essilor and the film is now being used for online distribution on Essilor’s social media channels. 

The Essilor campaign reached over 200 000 organic views after two weeks.


Microsoft’s Nokia France required a selection of humorous clips intended to promote the ease of switching to Windows Phone.

Within one week Newzulu Prime sourced over 60 creative concepts from film directors in France, the USA, Italy, Austria and the UK.

Nokia selected 3 pitch submissions from a French team and production took around two weeks to produce the first versions of the advertisements. The videos were shared on Nokia’s social media channels, engaging their online communities across social networks.


Amundi, a joint venture of Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, is the world’s ninth largest and Europe’s largest global asset manager with €746.2 billion under management. Amundi has recently developed a new retirement solution website, ARS.

Amundi wished to source several animations to illustrate their new ARS platform and to explain its features:  one animated film emphasising the benefits of using the platform and four didactic films. Newzulu Prime interviewed several professionals and finally selected the most suitable motion designer for this mission, who submitted his own creative direction with sketches of environments and characters, and delivered the storyboards according to the different scripts provided by Amundi.

After Amundi’s review, five videos were produced and delivered over eight weeks. 

The aggregate budget value of service fees for the Newzulu Prime clients referenced herein exceeded A$110,000.

Newzulu Prime charges service fees on a per campaign basis for commercial clients, advertising agencies and brands to source creative concepts and production services from the global Newzulu creative community of photographers, videographers, artists, producers and directors.

Newzulu Executive Chairman Alexander Hartman said of the Newzulu Prime client signings "Newzulu is delighted to report the first clients and revenues flowing from its Newzulu Prime platform for commercial clients, advertisers and brands. We have confidence based on these early successes with major corporations in Europe that we will be able to develop Newzulu Prime as a substantial global business, harnessing the Newzulu community to crowd-source creative commercial talents and production expertise."

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