Newly Launched Aussie Startup Eyes Global Construction Industry Markets

Award winning Windows Phone exclusive consumer application Project Tripod launched less than three weeks ago cracks 35,000 downloads, with thousands of public Virtual Tripods now set up around the world for anyone to see. The team now sets their sights on global expansion into the large scale construction industry.

Unique Volume Control App “Persist + Volume Control” from Netroken Inc. Now Features Improved Layout for Android Tablets & More

Persist + Volume Control from Netroken Inc. is a unique volume control app that gives Android users a convenient way to tweak existing or create new pre-defined volume profiles, and toggle between them with a single touch. The acclaimed app also features headphone/Bluetooth detection, automatic scheduled presets based on time of day/physical location/calendar event, volume locking to prevent accidental changes, ringtone and vibrate customization, notification shortcuts, multiple language support and more.

NewsWatch Recently Featured “Bar Shield” a Mobile Application for Bar Owners on National Television

“Bar Shield”, a mobile application and software for bars was featured on NewsWatch as part of its popular segment, AppWatch, that takes a look at the latest and coolest mobile applications and services on the iOS, Android, and Windows market. Andrew Tropeano, the host of AppWatch, conducted the review and shared with viewers how it’s used by bar owners to protect their establishment from unruly patrons.

Unique iPad Twitter Client App “Tweet Earth” from Digital Emergence Lets Users Visualize Tweet Locations in an Innovative, Informative & Interesting New Way

Tweet Earth from Digital Emergence features all of the tools found in a traditional Twitter Client, and visually represents where a topic is the most popular by displaying tweets in a speech bubble superimposed on a HD graphic of the Earth. The unique and innovative iPad app also places the sun in proximity to a tweet based on when it was sent, and makes following a user’s trip across a country, continent or globe much more insightful and interesting.

New “iPacking – Easy Trip Packing List” from Nexti Inc. Is A Must-Have App for Personal and Business Travelers & Makes Packing Fast, Simple, Accurate & Fun

iPacking – Easy Trip Packing List from developer Nexti Inc. lets users create, customize, save and even print as many packing lists as they need, and then either refer to their printed list or tell the app to walk them through each item until they’re done packing. The must-have new app for both personal and business travelers makes packing fast, simple, accurate and fun, and has been acclaimed by both and enthusiastic downloaders around the world.