App updates which lead to rejection volcano

App update, I don’t think I need to introduce this topic even, since an app is not carrying the legacy of ‘Once Made Then Long Forgotten’, but it requires the BIG SHOUT from the updation basket, every now and then to make a healthy pace with the trending technologies and demands in the users’ market.


It is always expected that the new version of the app update, would be better than the previous one and to come up on the expectation level, there are different sizes and shapes of app updates available, in the app development field.

You only need to play your wisdom card to know that which one suits more to your app and its requirements.

Albeit, there are concerns revolving freely in the app update turf, such as: How often the app must be updated???

Surprisingly there are different options as well to fit these questions, like:

  • On a regular interval
  • When there is a major feature
  • Any time you want

But I detest these options and support one aggressively and that is


Indeed you can consider these options but remember to give an ear to your users’ unvocal ratings and feedback, which explain a lot about your app’s current stage.

In accordance with you can decide when to proceed further with the app update.

Well, I am not gonna address this anymore, since my aim to come here is little different and can be taken as the next step of the app update, and that is the mistakes picked during the app update.


How can there be mistakes in the app update process??? When everything is well-observed and well-planned by the app platform already???

This is the misconception which makes the app developer Make an Inquiry about this news land into a mistake pool, and that’s the reason I am here today, to help you come up with a right and the accurate app updates…

With all this confusion and the stress in mind, I have crunched few points to come out clean and most favorable for your mobile app…let’s read ahead…

  • Picking A Non-Adaptive Design

Can you predict the accuracy of screen size or resolution of your users’ devices???

Of course not, it is not possible…since there is an abundance of mobile devices across you and if you plan to address a particular set of devices, then the chances of skipping the remaining would be a higher possibility.

Remember, your app must work efficiently on any device, whether it is the screen size or resolution.

With this, you open the door of higher revenue for the number of potential users to access your mobile app.

  • A Glut of Features Released In One Go

I know it is demanding and pretty hard to make your users LIKE the mobile app.

The pressure from the competitors and your revenue goals tighten up around your app and make it highly uneasy.

This pressure leads you to a conclusion to give something different and bigger than your competitors and you end up including every possible feature in your reach to be a part of your app update.

OOPS, somebody has rung the wrong bell L

Yes, by implementing MANY features in very first-go of your mobile app would only crack the reek in the app update and your users would not be able to relate to any feature.

Ergo, try not to upload everything in one go, rather release a few of the features in the first app update, and on the basis of further users’ feedback, let the other features to join the race.

  • Ditching The Battery Capacity

To count on roughly, any mobile device has the capacity to run the batteries 7 or in exceptional cases till 12 hours, but again the battery consumption varies and depends on the usage of the device too.

Your app users understand this concept well, but you cannot expect your mobile app to be one of the reasons for the battery consumption.

If your mobile app runs too many processes in the background and gorges comfortably on devices’ batteries, then even if your app has brought the unexpected features along with, still your users would prefer to show the exit door to your mobile app.

While crafting an update for your mobile app, don’t create something which would savor on your devices’ network and data resources.

  • Letting Functionality To Supersede The App Design

App functionality matters, but the way you present it, matters more.

If you have got a sizzling app idea or the functionality fitting the need of the app update, but you are not finding the way to promote it further with the right design, then I a sorry to say, but your efforts would go drained from the users’ expectations funnel.

The time you are investing in making it worthy for your mobile app with the new features, please invest some out of it, in making the app looks aesthetically appealing with its UI and UX as well.

Don’t expect your users have time to check out some irrelevant navigation portrayed on the app screen, which explodes the plethora of new functionalities on being clicked…

Craft mesmerizing app functionalities and the app design to capture the attention of the users.

  • Not Considering The Compatibility

You have updated your mobile app, but chances are that your users haven’t updated their mobile devices yet.

When you get the app updates, you cannot skip the mention the minimum version of the OS  is required for the app to be fully functional.

You need to consider the outdated system libraries, which might lead to the problem-filled operation and bugs, but at the same time, you must not forget the older OS, which can still be the preference of some of your loyal and age-longed app users.

  • Why To Let QA Team Get Bothered

It is just an app update, not the new mobile app…thus I don’t need my QA team to look into it.

WOW, such a wonderful statement L

Don’t think it is self-made, but this very statement I have got from many app developers who live under the collapsing cave of misconception and support their decision with a petty statement.

Listen, peeps, once and for all…

Even if your app is brand new or it is just an update YOU CAN NEVER SKIP TESTING.

The app update also involves a series of app coding and other technical aspects, which needed to be checked further to make the app bug-free.

Don’t take the risk of publishing an app without the QA process, because it would only bring the sarcasm to be hurled on your way than any appreciation.

These mistakes always lead your mobile app to a rejection volcano even after the best possible app updates happening on its portal. Thus my recommendation is to ask your chosen top mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news to look for these factors before making a final move to the app update journey and help your mobile app to attain its deserving recognition further with the number of valid app updates.

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