Tips that App Developers Need to Learn from Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the first Mario game for smartphones and tablets from Nintendo, launched on December 15, in the iOS App Store in 151 countries. On December 16, the game jumped to the top of charts, positioning itself as the top app that is downloaded in 80 countries and the top grossing app across 30 countries. It has overrun Pokemon Go in terms of launching, an amount that is ten times of the first day downloads of Pokemon Go. All these can be attributed to the pre-registration campaign run by Nintendo.

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4 Tips App Developers Can Learn from Super Mario Run

The launch day euphoria of Super Mario fizzled out quickly, as soon as  Super Mario asked for a $ 10 amount, no sooner than the completion of the third level. It is annoying for the users to shell out a $ 10 amount, just after a short duration of playing the game.  

Here, are some of the tips that you tend to learn from Super Mario Run:

Loyalty from Pre-registration

Three months before Super Mario Make an Inquiry about this news was launched, there was a new feature that was introduced by Apple and that was of pre-registration. Super Mario was to be installed in the App Store, but instead of a direct installation, there was an option of downloading the app with a push notifications, asking for an installation on the launch day.

It guarantees loyalty among the users after launching the product. The tension and the mystery that followed was perfect for the pre-release hype.

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The early adopters felt as if they were part of a groups with the know-how. The first month of the campaign saw an amount of 20 M pre-registrations.

What is learnt from this pre-launch exercise was that nothing is too early to start marketing your app Make an Inquiry about this news. Of course Pre-registration is not made available for other apps, but there are other alternatives from Google in Open Beta and Early Access Programs.   

App Piracy

The tightened security of iOS Make an Inquiry about this news was what prompted the Super Mario Designer in designing a game, which catered to the need of playing under stable environment and with a secure software. App piracy in the Android OS is rampant, and piracy in Android apps Make an Inquiry about this news is 14X more than the apps available on iOS. This will act as a great source of motivation for the app developers who intend to develop on iOS rather than Android OS. App piracy not only damages the reputation of the game, but false data and piracy often leads to the players believing that they are earning higher revenue, which attributes to app success in the long run.

Experimentation with Pricing

There was a more than 16 % fall in Nintendo’s stocks on account of the $ 10 charge after Level 3 of the game, when the player will be able to purchase all six worlds. The reaction for this was harsh. Smaller in-app payments are acceptable to the mobile users, but not this amount.

But, despite all the reviews Super Mario managed a whopping $ 5 million revenue in a matter of just 24 hours.

Whether there will be a hampered growth to the app momentum, due to the high price is something that need to be comprehended by the analysts.

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