How mobile is reshaping the travel & tourism industry

The travel industry has seen a massive transformation owing to the widespread penetration of the internet. Looking towards 2020 and beyond, the travel industry experts exchange avowal of the fact that the world of tourism is contracting.

Living amidst an out-and-out explosion of mobile technology innovation, to the point where online use from mobile devices is expected to outstrip desktop usage, it doesn’t come as a shock to know that 85 percent of travelers worldwide are smartphone users of which 32 percent use the device to book the travel. The probable justification of this explosion in the mobile trend can be credited largely to the easy-to-access technology choice that the mobile trends offer.

Mobile wallets and mobile payments are a fairly new phenomenon which travelers are slowly but steadily delving into. Experts feel that they will be responsible for a 360 degree change in the buying habits and customer expectations in the times to come.