Top 5 reasons why you should turn your website into a mobile app


I tried to search you on the app store but couldn’t find you anywhere??? Are you available with a different name??

It was the question which I asked in a popular grocery store located in my residential vicinity only and I could feel the blank look on the owner’s face, since a casual question asked, left him straight-face and there was no reply, it was the moment of truth I realized that the shop owner didn’t have any mobile app, but just a website…with a bleak smile, he spoke few words, that,’ very soon you can access our services on a mobile app.’

While returning I realized that my surprise came from that why still he didn’t have a mobile app? Because in the current scenario every business across the globe has reduced its presence on a mobile app only…so expecting a mobile app from a business is nothing unusual.

Surprisingly, after few months I saw a board outside the same shop, where it was mentioned the app link clearly. I felt glad and downloaded the app to book my next order at my convenience…

Yes, a mobile app does serve a major and HUGE purpose for the users, and that is none other than CONVENIENCE. A mobile app is basically a hub of services, which comes under the users’ fingertips, o they can access their required services with a blink of an eye.

But there are many business owners, who defend their pre-existing website considering the mobile app as a futile extension to the business needs…

Hmmm, it is a serious issue, and it must be addressed before it gets too late for a business to lose its audience base to competitors, so I am here today, to address and give logical reasoning behind why you should turn your website into a mobile app…just read ahead…

Reason #1

Enhancing Brand Recognition

I concur with you, that your business visibility is highly noticeable within the targeted range, but what about visibility and brand recognition?

A common user is too much engrossed in the Smartphone, that it hardly gives them a time to look on the regular desktop and explore further about your business and its offerings, on the contrary with a mobile app, you stay available on your users’ Smartphone 24/7 and this visibility helps your brand to create recognition.

Reason #2

Smartphone means future
I know I must have raised many eyebrows out there, but we can't deny the fact, the Smartphone is indeed a present and largely our future too.  Smartphones have turned out to be our personal assistant through mobile app technology, whether it is becoming our entertainer, weather forecaster, trip planner, or searching available eating joints and many more…but every other action which happens around us, we use mobile apps available in our Smartphone.

You can easily check while traveling in the metro, public transport even during the leisure hours, people love to explore more on Smartphone and getting a mobile app, helps your business also to get noticed and get acknowledged.

Reason #3

Turn accessibility factor high

With a website, you keep a foundation of accessibility, where users can only access you through a different portal which is something different from their current needs. On the other hand, a mobile app makes your business accessible on the users’ fingertips always and users don’t have to switch to Google to access your services.

With a mobile app, you send the push messages to your users on a regular basis keeping them updated about the regular offers and discounts, which allows the users to access the offers as per their convenience.

Reason #4

Makes a difference to your business

Albeit, mobile apps are engulfing every possible industry, yet there are businesses wherein mobile apps are in their early process. In such scenario, where a mobile app is not practiced by every competitor, by adapting it first, you get an edge over your competitors.

Your users get value from your business and feel glad to utilize the services through a unique and the innovative platform of app technology.

Reason #5

Boosting Business Revenue

I agree that you already have a huge user base, but due to the opening and closing hours of the shop, many users, who want to access your services, would remain unavailable since the shop business hours do not match their already jam-packed schedule…which leads them to switch to your competitor for the best possible services.

But with a mobile app, you stay available at your users’ Smartphone round the clock and they can book and buy their required services with just a tap on their Smartphone. Also, as I mentioned above the push messages keep the customers updated about the new offers, which all in total as a consequence lead to boost your business revenue.

I hope the mentioned reasons are enough to convince you to convert your website into a mobile app.

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