Top 5 reasons why you should turn your website into a mobile app


I tried to search you on the app store but couldn’t find you anywhere??? Are you available with a different name??

It was the question which I asked in a popular grocery store located in my residential vicinity only and I could feel the blank look on the owner’s face, since a casual question asked, left him straight-face and there was no reply, it was the moment of truth I realized that the shop owner didn’t have any mobile app, but just a website…with a bleak smile, he spoke few words, that,’ very soon you can access our services on a mobile app.’

While returning I realized that my surprise came from that why still he didn’t have a mobile app? Because in the current scenario every business across the globe has reduced its presence on a mobile app only…so expecting a mobile app from a business is nothing unusual.

Surprisingly, after few months I saw a board outside the same shop, where it was mentioned the app link clearly. I felt glad and downloaded the app to book my next order at my convenience…

Yes, a mobile app does serve a major and HUGE purpose for the users, and that is none other than CONVENIENCE. A mobile app is basically a hub of services, which comes under the users’ fingertips, o they can access their required services with a blink of an eye.