Automate your workplace but not just with robots

Automate your workplace but not just with robots

‘The focus must be on digital technologies’ Competition is the one sole word that is literally pushing the entire world to a level where management eventually plans to replace human workforce for automated robots.

Automation is something that the entire universe is striving for. All the developments and new technical finds are nothing but measured steps taken to reach that particular goal.

Mobile technology is one such measured step undertaken by the human race but it has evolved into one of the most dependable devices courtesy the endless applications. Mobile application development companies struggle each day to come up with application solutions to endless issues surrounding our lives.

And when we take a glimpse back into the past, the different technologies, which are currently making headlines, have always been there. It is our incompetency to have not recognized the potentiality of such technologies which have expanded to the extent of challenging the existence of human race altogether.

Yes!! I am referring to the AI robot, Sophia here, the citizen of Saudi Arabia. This artificially intelligent robot once commented at CNBC, “OK.

I will destroy humans.” Irrespective of the context in which the comment blurted out of her mouth, it was enough to trigger more than few grey cells tingling on the future of human race if artificial intelligence is allowed to grow. Coming back to the current digital space, top application developers are finding ways to come up with interesting applications with the use of technology such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, IoT and others.

Enterprises are now in support of BYOD policy in the workplace and automate few services to cut down cost and eliminate human error.

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Wait!! Did I hear Virtual and Augmented Reality? Let us just pick few striking references from the film industry, though not the recent Sci-fi flicks.

 Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park referred to the use of virtual reality technology when taking the scientists on a tour around the park lab.
 Stephen Sommers, Mummy Returns made a perfect display of virtual reality technology when the kid, Alex O'Connell wore the ‘Bracelet of Anubis'.
 Alex Proyas, iRobot displayed a character very similar to Sophia, the AI-robot.

The directors of such famous films were more technically advanced. Nevertheless, something, which was considered nothing but a work of art, is gradually shaping up to reshape the future.

Keeping this mind, let us identify the current inventions that are threatening to rob human workers of their jobs.

The artificially assisted robotic process makes organizational workflows automated with the use of software bots. Examples: Blue Prism, NICE
Robots replace industry workers to execute tasks in different fields of manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and similar verticals to cater heavy, industrial-scale workloads. Example: Mitsubishi
Retails and warehouses stand a better chance to improve their work efficiency when physical robots empowered with autonomous movement capabilities incorporated into the retail sector. Example: Amazon Kiva Systems
Virtual Assistants are exploited in a business-customer setting to augment the work of the call-center employees or prove to be an expert business process support. Examples: Apple’s SIRI, Amazon Alexa
AI computers with sensory capabilities identify and express human emotions through image and video analysis, facial recognition, speech as well as text analytics. Example: Amazon Lex, Amazon Rekognition

The mentioned outcomes are not but a reflection of the growing affinity towards all that which is digital and automotive. This natural trend is questioning the existence of Android and iOS application developers, the old gadgets and human intervention.

CMSWIRE reports that 95% organizations agree to the importance of a digital workplace.
 The year 2019 will have 75% of enterprise applications will have Artificial Intelligence embedded framework.
 The year 2019 will have a mashed up of Mixed Reality adopted in 20% of large-enterprise businesses.
 The year 2021 will witness more than half of global enterprises adopt an all-in cloud strategy.
 Again 2021 will have more than 50% enterprises spend more on bots and chatbots development than mobile app development.
 By 2020, nearly 85% of operation-based technical position hires will look for analytical and artificial intelligence skills.

An inference is drawn from the blog…

o The examples and data cited here raise bundle of questions:
o Should humans fear threats to their existing jobs?
o Are we expecting the massive improvement in productivity?
o Will the trend towards automation impact different sectors of the economy?
Since the potentiality underlies automation and technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as others questions the future of many industries and human jobs including those of the mobile application developers, yet the outcome may not be as dramatic as is feared.

The underlying statement is that automation and associated digital technologies may be a threat to low-lying laborers. But, as it gets upgraded to higher-level jobs, these modern concepts will contribute towards enhancing human capabilities more such that they concentrate on a meaningful task.

There is no possible threat to end employment for humans. Rather they are likely to increase.

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