How to Measure the Success of an App?


Mobile apps are nothing without customers. Therefore, in order to cultivate your mobile app business, it is crucial to keep a focus on mobile app analytics. This helps you to reinforce your position by enhancing the aptitude to please the mobile requirements of your customers.

Gone are the days when people only rely upon desktop applications, in order to discover or perform the information or tasks. If you are in a serious business, then creating a mobile application is one of the best things you can do to market your business and increase your prospects and profits. Keeping all the benefits of mobile apps in mind, brands are starting to develop their mobile presence and hope to meet user requirements.  In fact, creating an engaging user experience is becoming a requirement for them; therefore, they mostly trust delivering their app project to the best application development company.

As per the statistics, the number of apps on Play Store and iTunes are uncountable and that would keep on growing. Most of the mobile app developers don't even bother to look for their app's performance after publishing it and it's like first making a ship and then letting it go without any direction. Seeing the heavy competition in the industry, it is hard to find out how far your app is reaching your customers and how effectively customers are making use of your app. In order to help you with these issues, here are some key parameters to consider that will study the progress of your app.

6 Metrics to Track Apps Success

  • Session Length

The more time a user spends on your app, the more it is beneficial for you. This activity is termed as “session length”, which displays the length of per session of usage that directly helps to determine how far your app is engaging users. In fact, if an app developer accurately estimates the session length, then they will get access to a clear picture of the nature of users involved with the app and what they want from it.

  • Loading Time

Nowadays, getting user’s attention is not easy at all. Every app user wants quick and easy access to a mobile app without wasting any time. In this case, it is become necessary that every mobile app developer make his or her app’s loading speed as frictionless and quick as possible. An app with a slow start time can be disappointing to the user, which further leads to uninstallation of the app, otherwise it will replace by another competing app service. Consequently, developers need to focus on the loading speed of their apps.

  • Average Revenue per User

It is well-known that the major purpose of an app is to make some money, but if you are new in the app development sector, then it is important to know that revenue earned from an app in a particular time period also plays a crucial role in app’s success. This has been evaluated by ARPU (average revenue per user) statistics, which involves price of the app or other in-app purchases. Here is the exact formula-

ARPU = Total Revenue Generated During a Specific Timeframe / Total Number of Active Users during a Specific Timeframe

  • Usage Rate

Whether iOS or android app developers, it is important to know that how many people love to use your app. If more people are using an app, it means they are getting more benefit from it. For this, you have to make sure that the app you develop has a clear-cut solution for users. To evaluate the app performance, the usage rate needs to be check. Further, data on usage rate will help app marketers to allocate resources to intensify their app’s performance for driving user engagement

  • User Retention

Simply, the longer you keep users, the more valuable they are to your business growth. In the present time, achieving retention rates is a very tough task. If an app is opened only once in 7 days, there is a 60% chance that it will never be opened again. User retention is perhaps one of the prime methods for maintaining an app’s success for a longer time as it gives the idea of the number of users who have uninstalled the app after using it and how many users went on using it.

  • Screen Flow

Screen flow is helpful in tracking flow between the screens and visualizing the characteristic of visitor communication in your app. By using the screen flows, it is possible to look at a specific screen in your application and perceive both the actions of users while on screen and their way afterwards. In verifying how users use your app, a precise sense of issue areas, drop off screens, and conversion road bumps can be understood.


There are several marketing strategies and ways that will help you to gain a lot of success for your mobile app, but without active users, even high download rates mean nothing. Mobile app engagement with your target users provides genuine insight into the success of an application. I hope the above-mentioned points will surely help you to improve your app performance and take your business to the next level. For better results, you may take help from mobile application developers having years of experience in the industry.

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