Develop your own powerful custom taxi booking app from the technology stack behind Uber

We are targeting on the tech stack used by Uber to help you understand what it takes to get Uber-like app development.

The on-demand taxi services are on a peak and if you endeavor to make your own on-demand taxi application then you can learn the process. By referring to the application development process of the most popular on-demand taxi services, you can build a better and more relevant application.


You can introduce more user-friendly features that would engage more and more users towards the app. In this article, we are going to explain the procedure of building a customized taxi booking app.

We are focussing on the tech stack used by Uber to help you understand what it takes to get Uber-like app development.

 In order to provide users the at-home convenience, the on-demand applications are bringing a revolution in the way industry runs. Although, the digital business can go wrong if the creation is not based on strong foundations. We should look towards the already developed on-demand service applications and analyze them closely to build a newer app. 

The new app will contain not just the basic features that prerequisites of an on-demand service application but some new features that will make it unique from other apps. The live tracking, payment gateways, GPS navigation are some of the aspects that are necessary for an on-demand taxi service application. You should introduce such features in your application that will make it globally popular. You should approach the high-end developers who are pro at taxi app development.

Let’s Discuss the Process Briefly


The process of developing an on-demand taxi service application includes various measures. First, you need to decide the number of platforms on which you want to bring your app. In case you want to acquire android application developmentthen you would need to look for the team of android application developers. On the other hand, if you want to launch your taxi services app on cross platforms and have a higher budget then you would look for the respective developers. Your android app development company or for that matter any developer will create two different applications. One application will be user-based and other would-be driver based.

The users would get the booking and live tracking options in their on-demand taxi services application. Drivers would be able to accept the customer’s booking request through the driver app.

Let us learn about each of them in detail.

Features of Passenger app

  • You can create different registration options in your on-demand taxi services apps. For example, you can provide the option to register directly and you can also provide card registration where the customer’s payment is automated.
  • Provide users the option to choose the pickup location and they should be able to check the driver’s availability. If you are looking forward to uber like app development, then you can add options of choosing the app on the basis of per-minute charges and per km charges. Give your users the relaxation to choose between the type of cabs depending upon availability.
  • The Uber-like taxi applications provide an estimate of the driver’s arrival time as well as the approximate sum to be paid post-ride as soon as the customer enters the pickup and drop location. This allows the users to keep a track of the trip in actual time.
  • There is an option of accepting payment through third-party applications and payment in cash as well. The users provide a registered mobile number on which they will receive SMS and invoice as soon as the payment is received.
  • The drivers should get feedbacks and see the booking history. The customers get to share their riding experience and rate the drivers. This is a great way to maintain the quality of services.

Features for Driver’s Applications

Through this app, the drivers get to register themselves directly and it depends whether the admin authority approves their access request. There is a standard time within which the drivers have the liberty to cancel a booking. The status of the user’s ride updates soon after the acceptance of the request from both the ends. Make sure that your android application development is based on these requisites. There is a section of history for drivers including booking details. All the rejected, confirmed and canceled bookings appear in history.

Technology Stack for uber like app development

  • Having talked about the features of an on-demand taxi service application, it is also imperative for us to give you an idea of the type of technology stack used in their development. There are certain fundamentals that need the supervision of a team of skilled professionals. The services that provide location related assistance and provide the details regarding the availability of drivers. For uber like app development, you need to make sure that your application builds on a strong geolocation technology stack.
  • You should introduce features that keep your customers updated. On-demand taxi service applications like Uber provide push notifications, SMS, Emails in order to keep the customers updated. There can be slight changing, offers, and discounts that are propagated using these methods.
    Make sure that during your android application development, the developer builds a communicative application where the user provides his essential details. The technology stack for both IOS and android application development is quite similar.
  • You can introduce some great additions to your new on-demand taxi services application. For example, adding the admin panel, allowing people to choose their preferred drivers, trip scheduling, customizing commission as per the drivers, and overall interactive dashboard for users.


Your driver’s and user’s android or IOS  on-demand taxi services application should contain a bunch of features to enhance usage. An uber like app development should have a set of standardized functionalities that provide the desired user experience.

The driver application, admin panel should be developed by the best possible IOS or android app development company. These applications provide the platform through which your complete business runs and its efficiency decides your business growth rate. Build an application in which the technology stack is flexible enough to allow changes rapidly as per the upgradations. 

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