Can Instagram pull off the calling feature?

Instagram is about to add a calling feature for voice and video. Why is there a need for it? When we already have WhatsApp to do so.


Insta is popular for its short videos, boomerang features, and stories but if you just analyze a little then every entertainment app had some or the other unique feature when launched now all are trying to get even. Well, we as a user are happy to have it all under one app and can free up some space on our Smartphone.

No official launch is out yet but this is what the APKs tell us there will be calling added to Instagram soon and after the collaboration with Facebook Instagram has taken itself on another level and of course, left snapchat behind. Did you know even snapchat has a calling feature which lets you make calls with the dog filters on, they launched it back in 2016 called the chat 2.0? Instagram has been imitating snapchat and keeps getting more popular than the founder themselves because we have already seen it with stories which were originally snapchats thing but insta seems to have mastered it pretty well.

The mobile app developers at snapchat might have to come up with something unbeatable to answer the competitors or adapt their strategies.

Instagram’s 2018 updates

The android app developers have an advantage over iOS app developers when it comes to launching updates and the iPhone users are a little lost about the features which Android users have already explored. So here are some of the latest updates on Instagram in 2018 making it even more trending

  1. Type mode insta stories 

With this update, you have a little graphic designers edge with the image or video in the background and a type mode for making an announcement or casual story update. The mode alone is quite attractive but adding a picture or a video is more interactive.

  1. Flexibility in stories

One often fails the image as it is in the story frame because it takes exactly 16:9 dimension ratio of the image so that's going to change you no longer have to go with all cropping your image to fir it or instead upload the images instead of the story.

  1. Stories Notification

You don’t really get any notification of story updates like facebook does which is sometimes irritating and this change might not affect the users as it will benefit the brands so yeah that’s the other update of this year.

  1. “Swipe up to see more”

The users must have already seen this on the stories that say swipe up to see more on the stories and redirects you to the original youtube video or website of the ads well, these are carousel ads which have high conversion rates.

  1. Instagram scheduling

This feature is great for Instagram marketers as earlier one had to use social management software to schedule their posts but it didn’t post directly over Instagram rather would send a notification and one had to manually post the ads. Now with Insta scheduling the marketers can go ahead and schedule directly even from the third party platform.


There is a possibility one might just have one app for all the social activities and the monopoly will retain but the users have different mindset so the part of this market predicts saturation as well. The mobile app development companies look up to these big sharks of the market to innovate and come up with an attractive app for their business clients. So if there is nothing new left and the competitors keep waiting for the other to come up with something interesting the focus might shift to not so popular sectors. One such company with an ability to innovative features in mobile app development Company.

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