Amaysim beats confusion with simple plans

With recent Galaxy research revealing the biggest causes of confusion when it comes to choosing a mobile plan are the way rates for data, calls and texts are quoted (29%) and estimating how much data to include in the plan (28%).

Boeing announces a self-destructing smartphone

Do you find those self-destructing gadgets in spy films like Mission Impossible or James Bond cool? Except for the exploding part, that may soon be realised as Boeing, the aerospace and defence company, announced the Boeing Black (not to be confused with Geeksphone Blackphone), a highly secured smartphone.

Qualcomm eat its word, announces octa-core SoC Snapdragon 615

I could clearly remember how Qualcomm bashed its competitors like Samsung and MediaTek for releasing octa-core chipset. They even exerted extra effort by releasing a sort of infomercial detailing that it is really not about the number of cores but rather the quality of it. Well I guess the tide has turned on Qualcomm’s side as they announce their very first ever octa-core chipset, the Snapdragon 615.