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Count down of November, latest news updates you are missing out!

Here, in this press release, you will get to know about 6 major news that took place in the world of digital marketing this deals with devices of Amazon, Sony, Xiaomi, and Samsung hacked at Japan Event, WhatsApp new update drains battery of Android users, BERT Update by Google, Google launches Site Kit plugin for WordPress, Facebook experienced the fresh new branding and Is WhatsApp shutting its services from users from 2020. Here, you will get a complete blend of marketing news which is trending and major in the world of the technological world.


With the rush in today’s time, you can miss out on the latest news updates related to technology and search engines. Well, we have clubbed top 6 updates of November.

That you want to know for your business and even for personal use. Here you will also get bonus stories which you might want to have a glance for your online store and might implement for better conversions, rising ROI number, and buying cycles. 

Here, it is. 

  1. Devices of Amazon, Sony, Xiaomi, and Samsung hacked at Japan Event 
  2. WhatsApp new update drains the battery of Android users 
  3. BERT Update by Google 
  4. Google launches Site Kit plugin for WordPress  
  5. Facebook experienced fresh new branding
  6. Is WhatsApp shutting its services from users from 2020


  1. As reported by Pwn2Own Tokyo of 2019. Devices like Amazon, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung and many other digital and renowned devices got the hack. But through ethical hackers. The main lead personnel who carried out the operation were Amat Cama and Richard Zhu. The event was staged between 06-07 November 2019. Many other brands suffered the face loss. The event was organized to know the fallout of the brands that have a large audience base and would get deeply affected by the cybercriminal if they infect their devices and framework. Read More
  2. WhatsApp’s new update has bought many users’ standstill by drowning battery percentage after the update. According to initial reports, continuous Whatsapp activity is causing the battery fallout at a faster pace. The issue also came to limelight at Webetainfo. In the latest, WhatsApp update increases battery usage. It is for running the app in the background more than actual screen-on-time. Read More .
  3. Search engine giant-Google has recently rolled out ‘BERT Update’ for straight five years. The update involves language processing technology. It will assist Google to understand the way the keywords and language use itself. This happens, through the use of search query and further to understand the intent of the searcher. It will also improve your business in terms of keywords and featured snippets. Read More
  4. Google launches Site kit plugin for WordPress. It officially launches 1.0 version which also comes with the beta version. This will also allow WordPress users to access data from Google products direct from the site’s dashboard. Last year, it tested everything. From November this year, it has officially launched its plugin. Read More  
  5. Have you witnessed the new branding of the social media giant? Yes, Facebook recently rolled out its new logo. It is been told that the company wanted to bring ‘a visual distinction between the company and the app’. Well if you want to check out the look of the logo. Then you need to click here. 
  6. 6.From February 01, 2020. WhatsApp will stop supporting its services on Android 2. 3. 7 versions and iOS 8 versions. This also includes that the user cannot able to create a new account or re-verify the existing account post from next year. Read More .


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