Asus Zenfone AR: world’s first Tango enabled and Daydream-ready phone with 23MP camera and 8GB RAM

Asus Zenfone AR photo

Here’s something revolutionary that is set to shake up the market very soon with the introduction of Asus Zenfone AR just a few days ago at CES 2017 expo. It was even voted Best Smartphone for CES 2017, so you know you are getting your hands on the future of Augmented Reality with this device.

LG Stylus 3: stylus fans rejoice with this 5.7-inch smartphone

LG Stylus 3 photo

They say if you like using a stylus pen with your smartphone, then you won’t go back with using your fingers to tap on the screen. Unfortunately, there are very limited options that you can get your hands on. Hence fans will rejoice at the return of LG Stylus 3 in February 2017.

Coolpad Cool S1: a cool flagship starting from $389

Coolpad Cool S1 photo

The latest collaboration between LeEco and Coolpad will result in the Cool S1 entering the market in January 2017 at the earliest. What makes it a cool flagship? Read on then to find out more.