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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: for the active person in you

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active photo

With Samsung Galaxy S8 having just released a couple of weeks ago, it is definitely a surprise to see a variant coming out so soon – Galaxy S8 Active.

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We all know how the South Korean manufacturer love to capture the entire market space, and here we have recent leaks of the Galaxy S8 Active.

But before we begin, let’s do a quick recap as to what the Galaxy S8 is all about:

What’s in store then for us about the Galaxy S8? Let’s take a closer look then:

Galaxy S8 brings a lot of improvement to the table as to keep its flag high coming into 2017. With so many powerful features and functions, you would need a deep pocket to own one. But in the end, it will be worth every penny knowing you have got your hands onto something incredible.

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Let’s move on then to the Galaxy S8 Active which is rumored to be having the below specs:

As per the leak, there’s not much to reveal other than the fact the Galaxy S8 Active is no different than the Galaxy S8. The only thing that matters and the major selling proposition for this smartphone is its military certification.

This certification ensures that the smartphone is strong and durable enough to enjoy extreme punishment, and live to tell the story. If you have an eye for adventure, you can be sure of a top-performing smartphone in your pocket that can soak in all kinds of things without worrying that it will be damaged.

Now that’s something you don’t normally find in a flagship device, right? And that’s exactly why the target audience is limited but targeted. Only a handful of people would want to own this device, but then there’s no competition that could challenge it head-to-head.

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If you are someone that makes a living going on adventure day after day, then Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is your best buy. You get the performance of a flagship and the durability of a military device that can withstand just about anything.

There’s no confirm release date yet for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, but it could well be in Q3 2017. Similarly, there’s no price yet – but you can be sure that it costs a whole lot more than the $749 USD price that the Galaxy S8 is now at. It should be available in Camo Green, Titanium Gray and Sandy Gold.


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