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Eaton’s Innovative Rack Power Distribution Solutions Offer High-Accuracy Power Monitoring and Management at the Individual Outlet Level

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has today launched a new set of enclosure power distribution units, ePDUs, that provide Intelligent Power® distribution to optimise available power in a data centre and control the total cost of ownership. The new set consists of enhanced Managed ePDUs and an entirely new range of Switched and Advanced Monitored ePDUs.

The Advanced Monitored ePDUs include features such as highly accurate kilowatt-hour monitoring, and the Switched ePDU enables remote shut-off and restart of data centre equipment. Managed ePDUs combine the features from Switched and Advanced Monitored for total control.

“Two key trends have emerged in the data centre: the demand from today’s IT equipment for higher availability, and the increasing costs of powering that IT equipment. Data centre managers are facing growing pressure to manage and optimise their available power for growth, at the same time as managing the increasing associated costs while maintaining reliability.,” says Ciaran Bolton, Product Manager for Eaton’s Distributed Power Quality business, APAC.

“Eaton ePDUs allow users to track and monitor power right down to the server level including volt, ampere, watt and kilowatt-hour measurements.  This granular level of monitoring empowers users to make more informed decisions on capacity and power usage by gaining a comprehensive view of their rack power distribution.”

Designed for the needs of the modern data centre, Eaton’s intelligent ePDU models monitor down to the individual server with one per cent accuracy (over 2 amperes), to provide complete control over individual outlets. They also allow switching and sequencing of outlets and outlet groups. The outlet number identifications are colour coded to match the outlet section to the appropriate circuit breaker.

An optional Environmental Monitoring Probe is available to track temperature, humidity and contact closure at the rack level. Temperature monitoring can be used to identify hot spots and reduce cooling costs. Each model also features a new advanced pixel LCD display that provides local readings for phase balancing and loading. The display allows for multiple lines of text to view outlet information and configuration through the menu interface.

All Eaton ePDUs are fully integrated into Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager monitoring software, so that the user can monitor and trend right down to the individual outlet from a single interface – and view the whole data centre at one glance.

Eaton ePDUs are designed specifically for the data centre environment to provide maximum availability and to fit into industry-standard IT racks. They will fit any rack, thanks to Eaton’s patented mounting system.

Competitively priced, the new ePDUs are now available.

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