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EPAM Content Center partners with ADAM Software to bring marketing technology to the enterprise

EPAM Systems is partnering with ADAM Software to help accelerate the adoption of the digital asset management technology in marketing.

EPAM Systems, Inc (NYSE:EPAM) today announced a new partnership with ADAM Software, a global provider of media workflow and marketing technology software. The partnership will greatly extend the ADAM Software Partner eco-system, providing increased coverage in both North America and Europe. The partnership will also extend EPAM’s Content Competency Center solution portfolio helping bring marketing technology to clients.

Established in 1993, EPAM is a leader in IT services provision. Headquartered in the United States, EPAM employs over 7,000 IT professionals and provides services worldwide. Working with EPAM means that ADAM Software’s ever-growing eco-system of Partners can now serve more clients across the globe.

Commenting on the partnership, Wilfried Dejaeger, Chief Sales Officer at ADAM Software, said: “Our mutual customers and shared go-to-market strategy mean this partnership is built on solid foundations. It strengthens ADAM Software’s market position and will extend our global reach so we can deliver first-class services to our software users more effectively in diverse regions.”

EPAM’s clients will benefit from having a marketing technology implementation partner with the scalable delivery capabilities that satisfy the demands of the complex deployments. Coupled with this is ADAM Software’s deep technical expertise in the development and implementation of digital products that brings real value to EPAM customers.

“This is a moment of perfect synergy for us, bringing together a marketing technology software vendor — ADAM Software — and an implementation partner with scalable delivery capabilities, and deep technical expertise in digital products development and implementation,” says Alex Lyashok, Vice President, Technology Solutions at EPAM. “Our clients will benefit from being able to get support and sustainable cost structure over the full solution lifecycle — from planning to implementation and support and maintenance.”