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The unique project has been launched in a global English version

New application helping students with taking and sharing notes now serve more users all over the world. is an application for making school notes online. Pupils and students create notebooks, where they can write their notes. All school notes can be shared with their Facebook friends, who also use the application. One of the most important features of is the ability to use it offline. Based on the newest technologies, it brings a revolutionary solution to the problem of many students who do not have access to the Internet because it is not provided by their school. is offered in a Free and a Premium version. In the Free version the user is able to create one notebook and can share it with his/her friends. On the other hand, the Premium version allows pupils and students to create an unlimited number of notebooks, to draw in the notes, print them, and upload files. And all this for only $2 a month.

In May this year the company gained the support of the Swiss internet investor BlackLex, who acquired a 15% share.

“ is a revolutionary project, which will completely change the learning process of students and the entire teaching style (entire teaching methods)”, says Jakub Roz, CEO of mySchoolNotebook Ltd.

With a HTML5 mobile version of the application, iPhone and iPad App users can read and edit their notes on their mobile devices while they’re on the road, online and offline. An Android App is planned and coming soon.

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