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Elevate employee engagement with social intranet

Having an evolved and highly integrated intranet which focuses heavily on delivering a highly intuitive user experience can be a crucial part of the success of your business. A social intranet brings the power of social networking to the business world, allowing employees to contribute knowledge and ideas in a streamlined, efficient manner.

Intranets have evolved tremendously over the last few years. What started initially as a simple online notice board, is today increasingly used to drive multiple KPIs across different teams as well as overall, at an organization level.

In addition they have transformed into appealing portals with stunning interfaces that improves the stickiness of the portal up by a notch. All over the world, enterprise-grade intranet portals are currently used in the digital workplace to improve synchronization, store corporate documents, policies and executive directives, and thus, bolster productivity. 

A happy employee is a productive employee. A recent report on the benefits of employee engagement commissioned by the UK government, Engage for Success , found companies with the highest engagement scores are twice as profitable as those in the bottom quartile.

Employee Engagement Today

Today’s scenario of corporate employee engagement is dotted with a few interesting trends

  • More than half the US workforce is disengaged with their workplace
  • While almost all business leaders agree that a strategy in place will boost engagement, surprisingly only 1/4th respondents actually have a strategy in place
  • The level of employee engagement is found to be directly proportional to workplace productivity and hence organizational revenues

A survey from Haygroup have corroborated these facts & the findings show that companies with an aligned workforce tend to have a 2.5x revenue boost than other companies having low level of engagement. This shows that a disengaged workforce is a major cause of revenue leakage that needs to be plugged effectively.

The Causes for Low Engagement

Companies that have invested substantially into employee engagement are still finding it difficult to have them stay motivated and productive. Some of the reasons that explain this chasm between the employer and employee can be –

  • While company may show generic view, the employee would prefer a view customized to his/ her preferences and need
  • Employees today look for flawless communication with the senior management, social intranets meets the required need
  • To be engaged, employees must be motivated. For employee motivation and engagement it is important to connect individuals via a social intranet
  • While company makes it mandatory to go to the site, what the employee wants is an intrinsic motivation to be prompted to go to the site out of his/ her own free will
  • While company connects everybody with everybody, the employee would really be happy connected to his/ her close circle of friends, peers, and colleagues
  • Though the company would want to retain control, employees would want to exercise control

Now that we have seen how incredibly critical is employee engagement, you may be thinking about how to go about achieving this with the help of technology. At the core of such a system would be the below 4 essential features –

  • SaaS based scalable collaboration platform that grows with the company
  • It helps connect the entire workforce of a company irrespective of the geographic or demographic dispersion
  • It provides an employee centric architecture
  • It can be easily integrated with the existing systems using a plug and play model

Some of the main features that can be wrapped into the technology solution include –

  • Essence of social networking for a deeper level of collaboration within the organizations
  • Facility to include various communication channels such as IM, audio, text, and video chat
  • Facility to provide reviews, feedbacks, and comments
  • Ability to reward and recognize on a global level within the organization
  • Provide a centralized repository of all knowledge and information assets, along with easy discovery
  • Ability to get a better grasp of the workflow on a project
  • Events and personalized activity ingrained into the system
  • Custom branding in line with company themes
  • Have a secure, credential based on-cloud platform, to ensure scalability and ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ working for the employees
  • Integration with commonly used applications such as Gmail, JIRA, and Outlook
  • Interactive and responsive design to fit all form factors and screen sizes of mobiles, laptops and tablets

Keeping all these points in mind, the Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP)™ by CIGNEX Datamatics based on Open Source technologies is a viable solution for your modern CMS intranet since it easily integrates with your existing enterprise IT applications. DEEP™ is one such employee engagement platform that enables higher productivity across teams and hierarchies within your organization.

The intuitive, responsive design adds to the value presented by the platform in creating a re-energized workforce that revels in close collaboration and thus ensure greater productivity.

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