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According to IDC’s FutureScape report in 2016, there will be a dramatic surge in making commitments towards ‘Digital Transformation’ initiatives. The desire to provide unsurpassed digital experience to customers is what is driving businesses towards digitization.

The term ‘Digital Transformation’ is not a new expression in the business landscape. Rather, it has been there for quite some time now.

However, the scale and manner of its occurrence in the present times is quite different from what it had been earlier. Modern day businesses face two fundamental challenges – reducing costs and growing revenues.

Juxtapose this with the tremendous tech disruptions; what we get as a result are more robust, meaningful, and proven ways of doing business. These include –

1) Better systems of engagement

2) Better systems of experience

3) Better systems of insights

Look around and you will find every business establishment embracing digital transformation at an impressive rate. If that’s not enough, statistical references will help you understand the situation better.

Customer experience and personalization

Customers have become the most important factor for every business.

With rapid digitization, all they wish for is personalized experiences and speedy operations.

If a company or its products become too hard to work with, the customer will simply move on. That means improving the customer experience isn’t limited to retailing — it impacts every business in every industry around the world.

An unmatched digital experience will not be a choice, but a necessity for your business.

In a nutshell, digitization or digital transformation will prove to be the giant leap towards unparalleled success and development.

The truth behind embracing digital transformation

A fully functional business will inevitably require performing both front-office and back-office tasks. Quite naturally, they will require digitizing functions carried out in both these departments.

However, reality has a very different story to narrate.

According to Economist Intelligence Unit, a mere 18% of business organizations have successfully integrated both front-office and back-office functions. And only 10% of them have embraced digitization.

These market reports present a crystal clear picture of the real scenario.

Embracing digitization is easier said than done. Transforming the manual business processes into fully digitized operations will involve technologies, workforce, and critical processes.

Tips for adopting digital transformation

Take a look at the following points for transforming your business into a customer-centric digital organization.

    1. Leadership

As a focused enterprise, you will surely have certain goals, mission, vision, and objectives. Your digital transformation endeavors must be aligned with these objectives, thus helping you create a robust digital marketing plan.

On the contrary, digitization strategies that are out-of-the-blue will create a series of challenges for your business.

Business owners will require addressing the point-challenges alongside aligning their present objectives as well as connected initiatives with digitization strategies. And it’s here that businesses feel the need for strong process management.

If you wish to achieve digital agility, honing your leadership skills will be the first thing to do.

    2. Say ‘I’ for Integration

If you are a new-age organization, ‘integration’ will be the key for you. While opting for digital transformation, make sure it helps you leverage your existing IT technologies.

    3. Centralizing content

Digital technologies have made everyone a content creator so no longer is marketing the sole owner of content. You will receive new contents from various sources.

And that’s what increases their chance of being inconsistent, diverse, and scattered.

Under such circumstances, centralization of contents will prove to be the key to targeting contents to potential customers.

    4. The need for focus

The entire planning for digital transformation must begin from the scratch. There’s a need for realizing what your organization is and what it aims to be.

Since it will turn out to be a colossal transformation program, you will require setting your goals right.

    5. Believe in engagement

Digitization has become more pervasive than ever. Therefore, participation at every level is a highly crucial requisite.

As a passionate and judicious entrepreneur, you must strive hard towards ensuring perfect engagement at all levels of your organizations. That will prevent segmentation, thus fostering cross-team collaboration.

Final thoughts

If you are still relying on manual processes for running your organization, it’s high time to adopt and embrace digital transformation. If you are interested to see whether you are on the right path to digital transformation with your existing systems and infrastructure, you can utilize our Open Source Readiness Assessment (OpeRA).

The holistic solution lets you know of your IT health and provide recommendations so that you can embrace ‘digital’ wholeheartedly.

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