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Running BIP on Ubuntu!

I am a complete Ubuntu (Linux) convert ... my work laptop runs 64 bit Ubuntu and Im very happy with it. Yes I do still need windblows for a few things and for testing but I would say 80-90% of my time is spent in Ubuntu. Not so good is Oracle's support for Ubuntu, some of that I guess, is around Ubuntu being seen primarily for the desktop and not for servers and also Ubuntu's interesting at times, implementation of Linux.

Case in point, the recent release of the BI Publisher Trial Edition (see here) we state support for Linux but to be fair, we narrow that down to Oracle Linux Redhat and SLES. OK, but as its so lightweight it would be great to be able to fire it up on my laptop without the need for a winddoze VM. Trying the installer or more appropriately the 'configurer' it falls at the first hurdle complaining about the script.

Thats easily fixed, the pain point in question is the -s switch for the password entry for the admin user you create. Just open the and remove the -s references (x2). 

read -s -p "Enter a password for the Administrator user: " WLS_ADMIN_PWD

echo ""

read -s -p "Confirm password: " WLS_ADMIN_PWD2

Rerunning and it falls over a little further into the configuration.

At this point I want to thank Juergen in Germany for digging into the sub scripts and figuring out what to do. I have to admit, I had put the investigation on to the back burner while I have been traveling. Juergen found the problem in the ../server/wls/ file. It checks for the MW_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables and even if you have set them it still complains. The easiest fix is to just comment out the checks for the variables.

# Users must set $MW_HOME variable

if [[ -z "$MW_HOME" || ! -d $MW_HOME ||  ! "$(ls -A $MW_HOME)" ]]; then

  echo "ERROR: You must set MW_HOME and it must point to a directory".

  echo "       where an installation of WebLogic exists. Ensure you point"

  echo "       this variable to the extract location of the zip distribution."

  exit 1;


# Users must set $JAVA_HOME variable

if [[ -z $JAVA_HOME || ! -d "${JAVA_HOME}/bin" ]]; then

  echo "ERROR: You must set JAVA_HOME and point it to a valid location"

  echo "       of where your JDK has been installed"

  exit 1;


Just comment out the red text with a # at the beginning of the line.

Now when you run the main configureBIP script it completes and successfully starts the WLS server and consequently BIP. Its real fast to start and fast to run and best of all I have another reason I can avoid windblows!


Yes I have boring windows colors but what the heck, its not windows!

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