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Open World Forum 2012 Open digital strategies: vision and roll-out 5th session Paris, 11, 12 and 13 October 2012

“Open digital strategies: vision and roll-out” is the core theme of Open World Forum 2012. This 5th session, presented by the Systematic competitiveness cluster as lead organiser with assistance from the Forum Committee, is resolutely user-focused, featuring for the first time a track dedicated to IT services in France’s regions and local authorities, tackling open-source issues in the public-sector environment.

Open World Forum 2012: THINK, CODE, EXPERIMENT

As in 2011, Open World Forum is divided into three sections: THINK, CODE and EXPERIMENT.

  • THINK:
  • CODE:
  • EXPERIMENT: (in French only)


“The benefits of openness and transparency are evident in all areas – politics, business strategy, governance, innovation, technology – and of course source code, too, which is the lifeblood of our economy as it becomes more and more digital year on year. Open World Forum is the only place where all these forms of openness gather together, interact, enrich each other. This is what makes it a unique event and a key meeting place for all forward-looking decision-makers.” Patrice Bertrand, Chairman of Open World Forum 2012.


Five major themes for 2012: IT Managers and Information SystemsBusinessHuman and Legal, Communities and Research & Development.  

  • IT Managers and Information Systems: The aim of this track is to bring IT Managers together to share their feedback and experiences. With events including the CIO Summit and the Regional IT Managers conference, the aim is to define best governance practice and strategies for implementing open-source solutions and components within information systems.
  • Business: This theme tackles the economic issues of the open-source world in the business sphere, as well as opening up pathways for new development models. The following tracks are proposed for this theme: “Open data for businesses”, “Open standards for the Cloud”, “Mobile and open source”, and “Open source in Industry”.


  • Human and legal: This theme features a track dedicated to “Education, training and employment in open-source software” and a track on “Open source in the humanitarian sector”.  On the legal side there is a track focusing on “Practical legal questions”. This year OWF will be hosting EOLE, the European OpenSource & Free Software Law Event, focusing on the legal issues around open source.
  • Communities: Communities are the soul of open source, playing a major role in its development. This theme brings members of these communities together to share their visions, their expectations and the results of their joint efforts.

The track “IBSA – India, Brazil, South Africa,” for example, highlights successful open-source experiences in developing countries. As every year, the FLOSS Competency Center track brings together competency centres from all round the world.  

Finally the Association Ecosystem track brings together French associations from the open source world. In 2011 it was this gathering that formulated the open-source ecosystem’s policy demands in the context of the French elections. This year the aim is to define the strategic thrusts of a proactive policy on open source issues.


  • Research and Development: “Floss Prospective 2012”, a group of tracks focused on innovation and future developments, brings together experts and analysts to pinpoint the fundamental trends that will shape open source in the years ahead. “Internet of Open Stuff” focuses on the intelligent and connected objects that are set to be leading internet clients before long. Finally a new track called “Digital Life (and Death)” looks at all the various aspects of our digital life, its opportunities and threats, and the place open source and freedom should occupy within it. As each year the Innovation Awards will round off the Forum’s two THINK days.





The complete Open World Forum programme will be available shortly.

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About Open World Forum

Open World Forum is the first global summit bringing together decision-makers, communities and developers to inter-connect open-source technological, economic and social initiatives and build the digital world of the future. The event was launched in 2008 and now takes place annually in Paris, with more than 180 speakers from 40 countries and an international audience of 1,900 participants in 2011. The Forum’s steering organisation brings together the main international technology communities (Linux Foundation, Open Source Initiative, OW2 Consortium, Qualipso Consortium) and the major open-source software associations of the French-speaking world (Adullact, AFUL, CNLL, PLOSS, Silicon Sentier), with support from key institutions in Europe (European Commission) and France (Mairie de Paris – the Paris city authority, the Paris regional authority, Paris Region Economic Development Agency). The Forum’s partners include 70% of the world’s leading IT players.


Open World Forum 2012’s lead organiser is the Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster assisted by the Forum Committee which brings together OWF’s main partners and contributors (Smile, AF83, Alter Way and the Systematic Open-Source Software Working Group).


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