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Get Up Close and Personal With the President Through Newly Launched Campaign Program

A new program launched in an effort to make Americans feel closer to their President allows them to connect with him virtually.

Ever wonder what the President does when he is surfing the Internet? While the majority of Americans could care less, some people are so insanely infatuated with the leader of the free world that they want to know everything and anything about him – and their chance may just have arrived.
A new program launched in an effort to make Americans feel closer to their President allows them to connect with him virtually.

"Many Americans say they feel out of touch with their President", said marketing manager Tori Mathews. "We came up with a way for them to feel closer to him and see what he does in his spare time."

The program allows average citizens to download a program that is very similar to a remote desktop control program, but instead of allowing people to control another computer they can only view what is going on. Individuals who sign up will be able to view a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what the President does online. They will watch him play games, maybe tend a farm, whatever he does online they will get to see.

"We have taken great pains to ensure that people get to see an up close and personal look at their President", said Mathews. "We have it planned out so nothing of national security or even personal information wise is leaked to individuals watching. There is no way for them to gain access to the computer, they will just be watching."

The idea for such a program came while the President was on the campaign trail for the upcoming elections. Individuals were asking him what he liked to drink, what his favorite hobbies are, and other personal information. That was when Tori Mathews approached the campaign team with the idea.

"We were extremely reluctant at first", said head of the campaign team for the President, Tammy Summers. "We didn't want anything too personal getting out there in the open, but Mathews laid it all out for us and it sounded like a great idea. We hopped on board."

The program was beta tested by a group of 10 individuals on the campaign team to see if there were any security and privacy concerns that could arise. The beta testing went as planned, and now the official get to know the President program was launched. At the moment, over 150 individuals have already signed up for exclusive access to this special software program.

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