Five reason your business cannot afford NOT to virtualise

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Virtualisation is the act of creating a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server or network and has paved the way for new major technologies.

While the benefits of virtualisation are in abundance, there are still many organisations that are hesitant to embrace or implement virtualisation of business critical applications.

Benefits of Virtualization

Fewer physical servers onsite.

Allows business to continue using legacy software.

Reduced maintenance and energy costs.

Enables move to the cloud.

Longer hardware refresh cycles.

Instant offsite access to files and applications.

Increased server efficiency

Less downtime and fewer unplanned outages, increase Business Continuity

Quicker and easier backup and disaster recovery.

Less time spent providing desk side support.

More efficient IT infrastructure.

More efficient deployment of hardware and software installation and upgrades.

Reduced operating costs.


Failure to virtualise is leaving companies open to facing unnecessary high costs, greater risk to business disruption and increasingly complexed IT infrastructure. What’s more is that failures to embrace virtualisation means your company may not be establishing the right infrastructure for the future of cloud, big data and mobile movement technology is headed.

Five reasons your company cannot afford not to virtualise

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