Agency vs freelancer: who to choose for the project development?

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What a predicament. At first glimpse, an agency could provide more quality, options, and value-added; on the other hand, a freelancer could seem less expensive. The reality is that both options can deliver the desired result, but what resolves which direction you should take depends on your project needs.

Yes, Today especially in IT industry where a number of agencies and freelancers are available in the market to build your desired ideas where all are proving their best services with their exceptional skills and knowledge. But when it comes to choosing a best one among huge number or freelancers and agencies where it is “six of one and half a dozen of the other” it is more likely to find “A Diamond on a rough” isn’t it?

Here are some pros and Cons of each that you should know before you go with one of them after then you will be more clear with whom to go and you would no more feel hard to find a diamond one. So, who should you hire? Let’s define and take a look at what the two typically offers.


imageIf you need minor graphic design work done, it’s a smart idea to go with a freelancer because of the simplicity of the project.