How to choose the Best Outsource Technical Support for your business?

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Finding the most precise partner, after outsourcing some of your business processes, to take care of your interests, guarantees your future success. It is a very crucial decision to make because choosing the wrong company would result in catastrophic results for your company.


For your technical backbone to function, it requires constant support. Finding the right outsource technical support expert can save money over time.

You will need to consider the following services from the client of your choice.

  • Dispatch of service technicians

A proper outsource support must be in a position to provide IT technical support services reachable around the clock and always available to answer your clients’ calls.

The dispatch should provide your clients and technicians with a single point of contact that makes it easy to track and manage support requests. You will ensure a clear and accurate line of communication at all times by issuing a support number to your clients to request on-site services and by clearing and escalating calls from one help desk.

Dispatching services are an extension to your business. It involves a work ticket in your systems, interacting with your database, and contacting personnel based on instructions.

Clients receive messages via SMS, email, or a custom channel of your choice.

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

A good SPOC will bring order, consistency, and discipline to your business’ support process. The company will realize lower costs and efficient customer satisfaction.

With a single point of contact support organization all it issues, service requests and incidents are first forwarded to the first level of your service desk for logging into the ticketing system, after which they are either resolved at this level or sent to another support source for solving. It could be the desktop support, a vendor, level 2 IT groups, or a specific individual with particular expertise skills in the organization.

The SPOC service desk does not resolve every Ticket in the logs but rather facilitates and coordinates the entire end-user support process.

The SPOC also checks and monitors the progress of any open ticket and evokes action to stalled tickets while closing those resolved satisfactorily. The service desk ensures all cards get fixed according to the organization’s service levels.

  • Support via Live chat, Ticket, and phone

Just like in emails, live chats let you answer direct questions from your clients. Besides, you engage them while they are yet on your site and able to make a decision, but not after they leave.

Adding an equivalent digital salesperson to wish customers a good day would put a smile on your customers. It would make the distinction between your happy customers another sale lost to competitors.

Imagine, especially for online stores, a face pops out of the bottom of your web page asking to assist your clients. They reply, and a real, live human quickly mitigates all their worries.

That’s how a live chat would do its magic to helping your customers.

Tickets also extend your ability to keep in touch with your clients. If used in the right way, they will offer a means to reach you, even past your working hours.

Once your client generates a ticket, you can edit, reply to the customer, or also add a tag — there several ways to create a card. For instance, when your customer leaves a message through ticket form, it will appear as a ticket in the Live Chat app.

  • Software support covers

Generally, these are break or fix services delivered for specific software products. They may include incident-based support.

It will consist of remote troubleshooting abilities and installation assistance. These services may be performed by the use of online media or without the aid of a human through automated means on the client’s device or from the web.

They may be a new installation, updates, and support for the software. This service can be provided by a third party consulting software maintainers.

However, software license updates or upgrades do not include in this category. Software support covers usually can be carried out in two groups.

  • Application Software, tools

They are a type of computer programs designed to perform specific functions. Each program is designed to assist the user with particular features or processes.

A business can provide a break or fix services by issuing new fixed software

  • SaaS, Paas, IaaS Services

In software as a service(SaaS), clients access the software subscribed software through a web or APIs by the vendor. It is different from Platform as a service(PaaS) where the service provider grants users access to build and deliver applications through a cloud-based environment.

The vendor may also provide pay as you access storage, networking, and servers or any other computing resources from the cloud through Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)

  • Troubleshooting or Maintaining Self-service Websites

You need to be there for your clients whenever they need you, whether during the day or at night. Recently, call centers can offer outsourcing technical supports & solutions.

They also provide fully trained IT professionals to handle all the business needs. Your outsource support should be available at all time round the clock to take care of your clients.

It should be equipped to support and communicate with you and your customers in a personal and professional manner. This way, then you get ample time to focus on your valuable business.

Final thought

Outsourced technical support is very crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction. Your clients may take their businesses to your competitor whenever they cannot receive the services and help they seek to use your company.

Whenever they have technical issues, your product or service becomes useless to them until their issue gets addressed. The business can learn about problems and mistakes that need its attention.

Without your customers airing their complaints to the technical support for help, you will not notice the problem hence misses in orders and loss of customers. This way, having the latest technical support services 2019 minimizes the damages your business is likely to experience.

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