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Prospective employees often tailor their answers during a job interview. A line cook knows to say that they work well on a team. A scientist that applied for a position in a remote laboratory knows to say that they work well on their own. Candidates know what employers want to hear, but how can employers know that the candidates are not just telling them what they want to hear?

By datafication.

Datafication is the new existence of bits of trackable information that consumers create throughout the day. Every day consumers leave behind pockets of data that companies can use to influence consumer behavior or gain insights.

In today’s world where almost every action or thought is recorded as some form of numerical data, datafication simply means that companies can now collect data from daily consumer interactions with technology and paint a picture of who that consumer is, as an individual.

Conventionally accomplished through rewards programs, firms can use tracked information on a consumer to know when to offer a discount or a reward to trigger a purchase.

Through the increased datafication of our lives and the increased connectedness and emergence of the Internet of Things, firms can use datafication in completely new channels.

Human resource professionals are now able to bring in datafication to answer questions such as whether the line cook really is a team player or if the scientist exhibits a preference for independent work.

Here at Katalyst Technologies, we now integrate datafication into our recruiting process by scanning materials written by the prospective candidate. These materials include social media posts, such as tweets or Facebook statuses, as well as email communications to analyze the personality of candidates through tone and word choice. The datafication service offered by Katalyst eliminates the chance of a job applicant misrepresenting their true behavior and personality.

By implementing datafication, employers are able to improve upon the industry standard personality test where candidates consciously self-report information. Self-reporting can provide misinformation for a variety of reasons. Candidates can give incorrect answers whether it is due to a lack of self-awareness or due to an attempt to shade themselves in a more favorable light by guessing what the employer wants to hear.

Katalyst knows datafication.

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