Should I outsource my IT to a Managed Service Provider?

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Running a small to medium-sized business is a constant juggle between getting the work in, getting it done and getting paid for it. Even for SMEs in the thick of the digital economy, the focus is (understandably) about doing core business, not on IT.

Which means once initial IT systems are set up, they often get looked at only when something goes wrong, or a new user joins the team. While this approach is fine as long as the headcount stays within the designed limits of the system, its reactive nature means that little thought is given to how IT can be used to stay competitive over time.

Whether it's competitive developments in the IT marketplace, or the growth of a business, there comes a point when an SME needs to seriously look at its IT setup and make some calls about their 'next phase'.

So the obvious questions are, how do you know when you're at that point, and what are the options available?

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CSUT524 Mastering Change Management
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