COVID-19 accelerated companies’ digital transformation efforts

New Research report finds 97% of enterprise decision-makers believe COVID-19 accelerated companies’ digital transformation efforts. A study by leading cloud communications platform Twilio has reported a significant increase in digital innovation among companies, driven by pressures from the pandemic.

For SMBs it pays to be digitally engaged

LAN647 For SMBs it pays to be digitally engaged

Deloitte Access Economics says its survey of Australian small and medium businesses shows those that have reached 'advanced' levels of digital engagement to be much more successful than those that have only 'basic' levels of digital engagement.

Office 365 gets an AI boost

LAN644 Office 365 gets an AI boost

There were many announcements at Microsoft’s annual Ignite event — held this year in Atlanta Georgia — that would have been of interest to users of its products. Not surprisingly many of these related to Office 365 and the software tools available through it, but perhaps none were more important than the new security features.

Digital transformation delusions

LAN646 Digital transformation delusions

There’s a bit of a disconnect in the findings from research into the level of digital transformation among Australian organisations, undertaken by Tech Research Asia for Hitachi Data Systems: Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level.

Smart disruption for the We Economy

LAN643 Smart disruption for the We Economy

You won’t find the term ‘We Economy’ anywhere in a new report from Optus Business, entitled Smart Disruption: A perspective on innovation for Australian organisations, but the conclusions in the Optus report are remarkably close to the ideas espoused by proponents of the We Economy.

The business cost of network inadequacies

LAN641 The business cost of network inadequacies

In this day and age it’s a given that the performance of IT systems — networks and applications — can have a significant impact on business performance, but putting numbers to the nexus of network and application performance and business performance is no small undertaking. Citrix commissioned research firm Tech Research Asia to do just that. Here’s what they found.

Getting smart about SharePoint app development

LAN638 Getting smart about SharePoint app development

For anyone looking to develop applications for SharePoint and Office 365 there’s handy guide in the well-known Dummies series, published by Jon Wiley & Sons: Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 For Dummies.

How secure is your Office 365? Secure Score will tell you

LAN639 How secure is your Office 365 Secure Score will tell youSecurity is and always will be top of mind for IT when contemplating any new product or service. It’s always easy to get information on the benefits — sales material is full of such — but any addition to an IT system, hardware or software, application or infrastructure, brings new vulnerabilities, new avenues that cyber criminals can potentially exploit to exfiltrate sensitive data, or compromise essential systems.

Are IT samurais an endangered species?

LAN640 Are IT samurais an endangered species

You might recall earlier this year we asked, “Are you a samurai CIO or a ninja CIO?” We went on to explain that these were Gartner’s metaphors for the two aspects of what it called bimodal IT.

Digital denial documented

LAN631 Digital denial documented

Global software company, Progress, has undertaken a survey to assess organisations’ approach towards and progress with digital transformation. It finds a significant percentage of them in ‘digital denial’.

Implementing the digital workplace

lan635 implementing the digital workplace

A few weeks ago on this blog, we had a crack at defining a digital workplace or workspace. We had a look at a few of the definitions to be found on the Net, and we made the point that, regardless of the precise definition, the aim is to enable employees to use any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone – anywhere and to have the experience be as near as possible identical, regardless of device or location.

Anticipating Microsoft Dynamics 365

lan634 anticipating microsoft dynamics 365
Photo Taken by RoseASP

Microsoft is whipping up interest in its latest cloud-based enterprise application offering – Dynamics 365 — ahead of its launch, expected to be at the Dynamic Communities’ Summit 2016, to be held in Tampa October 11 to 14.

Digital transformation? Culture is the key

lan633 digital transformation culture is the key

A few weeks ago we looked at the connection between digital transformation and change management, recognising the fact that when an organisation strives to ‘become digital’ this is a change process and, like any other change process, must be managed if it is to be successful. We compared the top 10 principles of change management as set out in 2004 with an updated list from the same organisation in 2014 and noted that corporate culture — ‘Assess the cultural landscape’ and ‘Address culture explicitly’ — that had been priorities seven and eight in 2004 had risen to number one position in 2014 (‘Lead with the culture’).

MS partners get updated at conference; cyber insurance and more

lan632 16 000 partners get the good oil from microsoft

16,000 people from 144 countries converged on Toronto early in July for Microsoft’s World Partner Conference. Highlights of the opening day included: an announcement from General Electric CEO, Jeff Immelt and Microsoft CEO, SatyaNadella, that GE’s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet is available on the Azure cloud; Japan Airlines using Microsoft HoloLens to change the training paradigm for flight crews and mechanics.

Digital transformation is a change management challenge

lan629 digital transformation is a change management challenge

Amid all the talk today of digital transformation and digital disruption, it’s easy to forget that underpinning these phenomena is something that is not necessarily digital, disruptive, or transformative: it’s simply change. Change of any kind, especially in a large organisation, must be managed if it is to be successful, and to that end a huge change management industry has emerged.