Mobile app development? The answer’s in the clouds

lan617 mobile app development the answer s in the clouds

Ten percent of IT decision-makers surveyed by IDC in late 2015 reported spending 40 percent of their IT budget on mobile technologies, and the next 10 percent reported spending 25 percent. Perhaps not surprisingly, 68 percent said they considered mobility a critical driver of business success.

And the world of mobility is ruled by the mobile app. Here are some, perhaps surprising, statistics that show the power of mobile apps.

  • 85 percent of consumers’ time on their smartphones is spent using non-native apps.
  • App users spend more than three hours per month on the top 1,000 selling apps on average — about eighteen times what mobile Web visitors spend on their top 1,000 properties.
  •  80 percent of business innovators use citizen developers.

Those come from various sources but all are quoted in a report from Salesforce Four new strategies IT leaders should adopt to drive innovation.

It sums up the challenge that the App explosion has created for CIOs, creating a new world of responsibility for the CIO of today. “The pressure is on to innovate and create new business models with apps,” it says. “These apps need to be mobile. They need to be connected. They need to manage new streams and types of data.” Crucially: “They need to be built regardless of the limited number of developers available.” 

A survey of CIOs by Kinvey, a US company that offers a mobile backend as a service, reported that 97 percent of respondents had high hopes for mobility. “Seventy six percent of CIOs are looking to mobile to reduce costs and increase employee productivity, 64 percent are looking to mobile to create new revenue opportunities, and 12 percent are looking to use mobile to disrupt the marketplace,” it said.

Trouble is, the benefits of mobility seem difficult, and costly, to achieve. “Fifty six percent of mobile leaders surveyed say it takes from seven months to over one year to build one app and 18 percent say they spend from $[US]500,000 to over $[US]1,000,000 per app. Fifty percent of CIOs think the process takes too long; 24 percent cite it as a source of frustration.”

The answer seems to be in the clouds: “Sixty three percent say they’ll be adding cloud services to address their mobile project needs. Sixty seven percent are anticipating an 11 percent to 30 percent growth in the use of cloud services in the next twelve months.”

This nexus of cloud and mobile has given birth to the term “mobile cloud”. According to Wikipedia, “Mobile Cloud Computing is the combination of cloud computing, mobile computing and wireless networks to bring rich computational resources to mobile users, network operators and cloud computing providers. The ultimate goal of mobile is to enable execution of rich mobile applications on a plethora of mobile devices, with a rich user experience.”

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