The benefits of an enterprise-wide data strategy

 lan534 the benefits of an enterprise wide data strategy
Research firm IDC says many organisations lack an enterprise-wide data management strategy, creating significant challenges for their IT departments, impacting storage budgets, compromising their ability to harness the full value of all their data assets and leaving them unable to accurately assess the costs and risks of inadequate protection.

Cloud computing made simple

2lan533 cloud computing made simple
If you’re new to cloud computing, you’re likely to find it quite confusing: acronyms like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and even XaaS; terms like private and public, cropping up alongside hybrid (a word you’re probably more accustomed to being used by rose growers).

Turn a PC into a PABX with 3CX


Gone are the days when a PABX was a costly piece of proprietary hardware that needed proprietary handsets if you wanted to make the most of its features and functions. Today you can buy a software PABX that will run on a Window server and that will offer you all the features, and some, that you could get from a traditional PABX costing much more.

Collaborate, but keep moving


Last week we talked about the need for enterprises to embrace {cslimited}collaboration tools{/cslimited}, but to do so by implementing professional, enterprise grade tools and not to let employees exploit consumer grade products that lack security and many of the features that enterprises need.

Collaboration is inevitable, so do it professionally


In a recent posting on Telstra's blog, CEO David Thodey extolled the importance of communication and collaboration among the company's workforce. "When it comes to internal communication use everything you have available – the company intranet, social media, internal newsletters, town-hall style meetings, video, face-to-face, online collaboration tools," he said.

Welcome to the world of 2025


Last week we looked at renowned futurist Mary Meeker’s take on what’s coming up in the next few years in the world of IT. This week we take a look at the prognostications of Australia’s own Ross Dawson, courtesy of Intel’s IT security subsidiary, McAfee, which has commissioned him to produce a report ‘Intel Security: Safeguarding the Future of Digital Australia in 2025’.

The case for an enterprise collaboration strategy


Organisations today have many tools for internal communications: phone, email, instant messaging, video, presence. Combined they come under the umbrella of ‘unified communications'. These tools are very useful but much more so when they underpin an enterprise collaboration strategy.