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It has always been on our minds to find out the best mode of communication with either prospect clients or customers, especially when we are selling our services or products. There are multiple options and all are in use too, to develop the best customer episode. These includes instant messaging or texting and e-mailing and online chatting, web posting and online socialising. While all these agencies are implemented for holding your customers and fabricating the constancy, we eventually forget or don’t pay enough heed to the most eminent consumer channel that we have; “TELEPHONE”

Recently, for established companies, it is a protocol for them to poke their prospect vendors or service providers to use some other mode of customer contact, though it becomes the easiest way for 99.99% of consumers to use phones when they need service. Hence it is an adamant fact that dialling is the most outspreaded customer service channel.

A customer would normally use phone when angry or want to complain, rather than online chat or web service; this is a standard human nature!

With multiple departments too in a company, it is becoming difficult to give 100% availability for all calls whether relative to buying new services or complaints from the existing clients. It is therefore a prime necessity for the growing as well as the established companies to develop and have a call centre for selling their services or products and dealing with the inquiries, suggestions and complaints.

This keep them in league with their competitors and their name in market. So the telephone is most used and hence also the most important episode for customer service and healthy marketing.

It is obvious now a days that customers need the best ROI not only with the product but with the customer service too that they get post buying the product. Companies that would provide the top quality service for their customers will definitely snatch a maximum share from their competitors in the market.

The one most common hitch that is consummated by companies is in deciding if to outsource the call centre or dedicate own in-house space. There is no better option than hiring a call centre that would provide surpassing quality of customer service.

Take adequate necessities in selecting your call centre service provider whether it is for In-Bound customer service or Out-Bound Tel-Marketing and Lead Generation. There are multiple call centres in growing countries since they would give the service with a huge cost cut down.


Modernization: Once you start providing an immediate and effective solution instantly through telephone calls, it augments not only your company’s image in market but also gives you an additional asset of being committed. Edatamine provides a dedicated team for each client as per the time zone, this allows your existing as well as prospect clients to get best knowledge and solutions to their queries.

Enhancing Pace: It is obviously understood that serving your client through telephone will always be quicker and more effective compared to obeying in person. This saves time. This also improves your customer relation strategy, giving more satisfaction to your existing clients and in return giving you more business.

Edatamine always check quality along with time consumed in closing the call till success. It is not only sale that matters, quality and time consumed are among priorities considered whilst motivating their team of tele callers.

Improving your League: Every call that either goes to your client or is received for customer support is recorded for quality purpose. This gives you an opportunity every time to scrutinize your services periodically as well as revise your strategy to improve your product quality and features that can be displayed in market and as per the demand too.

Edatamine records each and every call, whether a led generation or customer support, every week end is scheduled for briefing depending on the quality and services maintained through the tele callers.

Accessibility: Having a dedicated team for customer support and marketing/selling your products make you twenty-four seven available for your existing clients as well as prospect customer. Edatamine has a dedicated team of tele callers for each time zone; Edatamine also make sure to keep a backup team for each zone in case of non-availability of any team member or requirement of expanding the services.

This nullifies the possibility of keeping clients on wait or restricting their access to company representatives for any reason.


Edatamine has got all those innovative technologies that are required and practiced to elucidate the response signals. This refines the affinity among customer and our telecaller.

Our team of managers and supervisors also get a valid and broad-ranging perspective for their teams in real time.

Proficiency: Edatamine team has a mission of providing top most quality support to the customers. It make sure to keep all agents learn and memorize an effective volume of statistics relative to the company.

Supervisors have a trained team of tele callers who would know the product entirely with company’s ideology too. A tele caller is allowed to start live on floor only once they know how to resolve an issue and who to connect with instantly to transfer the call when required in any case, rather than getting panic of situation.

They are efficient to answer and troubleshoot the queries conveniently and with ease.

Delineate Surveillance:  Edatamine team is always up with getting similar queries/complaints from the customer, in response to this they make sure to understand a customer’s issue from each perspective and do seek for clarification whilst offering an immediate and satisfying response. Even while making calls to perspective customer, Edatamine team has got an ability to make a healthy relation every time before making the customer realize the requirement of our product in their lives.

They also make sure to close the call in a way that would impress the customer for company’s priority in maintaining client relation.

Organized League: Edatamine make sure to follow policies and culture in a way that would keep each member organized and be able to manipulate with all tasks at a time along with making sure to tackle with customer’s requirements. Supervisors do make sure that each team member flows with the process error free and complete each after call task efficiently.

It is therefore also maintained in Edatamine to allot not more than 10 agents to every supervisor, this allows the Team leaders/supervisors to keep an effective quality check on all. Edatamine provides each team with best software tools that would effectively merge with company’s business tools and is provided with effective CRM along with a helpdesk programmer.

Optimum Versatility: Edatamine team is versatile and flexible for dealing with each customer with different personality traits and they make sure to meet their needs whilst going with the flow. Edatamine also make sure to keep a backup team for hours like holidays, weekends and off time zone.

Positive Inclination: Friendly attire can be felt even while talking on phone and not only with a visible smile on face but a positive tone whilst talking too. Since your first gesture of greet on phone will either make a client compelled to talk with you more or may make them uncomfortable for further conversation.

Phone etiquettes makes a very important part of training while brushing the agents with product knowledge. Right product sold with poor attitude towards the prospect buyer makes your work a failure.

Edatamine team constantly maintain a positive orientation and do keep a smile on face to get the feeling in sound.

Best Communication Skills: Edatamine team has well versed tele callers with effective communication that includes not only speaking but listening to the customer, understanding their requirement and also divulging a quick solution for them. Supervisors make sure to maintain a clear conversation with their teams and expect them to be competent this way.

Edatamine stands true on the platform of a successful Call Centre criteria, where it make sure to facilitate the communication between their employees as your company representatives and your clients or prospect customers; Edatamine provides with top quality service with providing daily reports, call recordings to ensure quality check, productive script, best customer support, satisfying client coordination, IVR and all functionalities for giving best result to the outsourcing partners.

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