Edatamine services – best outsourcing partner for inbound customer support and outbound lead generation:

It has always been on our minds to find out the best mode of communication with either prospect clients or customers, especially when we are selling our services or products. There are multiple options and all are in use too, to develop the best customer episode. These includes instant messaging or texting and e-mailing and online chatting, web posting and online socialising. While all these agencies are implemented for holding your customers and fabricating the constancy, we eventually forget or don’t pay enough heed to the most eminent consumer channel that we have; “TELEPHONE”

Recently, for established companies, it is a protocol for them to poke their prospect vendors or service providers to use some other mode of customer contact, though it becomes the easiest way for 99.99% of consumers to use phones when they need service. Hence it is an adamant fact that dialling is the most outspreaded customer service channel.

A customer would normally use phone when angry or want to complain, rather than online chat or web service; this is a standard human nature!

With multiple departments too in a company, it is becoming difficult to give 100% availability for all calls whether relative to buying new services or complaints from the existing clients. It is therefore a prime necessity for the growing as well as the established companies to develop and have a call centre for selling their services or products and dealing with the inquiries, suggestions and complaints.