Hire talented and dedicated mobile app development services at kunsh technologies to reduce your development cost by 65%

Kunsh Technologies is one of the leading IT giant that assures quality delivery of the web, mobile or cloud applications to its customers. The company is in the app world since last 8 years developing cool apps that are user-friendly and intuitive.

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We make your mobile apps develop with quality and affordable cost too.

Mobile app development is a costly endeavor. Entrepreneurs always want to figure out the ways through which they can reduce the cost of the mobile apps; at, the same time they do not want to compromise with the quality.

However, Kunsh Technologies is performing extraordinarily towards developing fully-fledged applications irrespective of the cost incurs to the company for efforts, time, skills, money and patience.  Clients at Kunsh Technologies are offered more than 65% reduction in cost despite developing high quality applications on different platforms.

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Darshan Shah, CEO of Kunsh Technologies Make an Inquiry about this news shared, “We always remain focused and detailed analysis of our client business requirements. This helps us to avoid project delays in future and so minimizes the cost incurred”.

“Gathering all the requirements, putting them in a document and then presenting the document to our development team help them to get a clear picture of the project. This also saves us from some inevitable mistakes that generally happen due to the absence of detailed documentation”, he added.

We use agile methodology for development. We split the entire project into smaller segments and gradually add new features to them.

Then all the manageable set of features are developed, tested and deployed through Sprints i.e. the iterative cycles.

We also love to go with the cross-platform technology that is a great cost saver. The applications we build are not very complex.

Sometimes, they are not associated with the native interfaces or hardware integration depending upon the client’s requirements. Our clients decide as to whether they want to build a native, hybrid or HTML5 web- based app.

By the year 2016-17, 87.8% smartphones sold were android. iOS market share is 11.5%. Similarly, Google and Apple have the largest and most popular app stores.

However, the number of mobile applications grew by 75% in reality. However, we just charge for the actual development cost only and not because of the rising cost of smartphones or iPhones.

“We deal in Xamarin, iOS, Android and PhoneGap technology for building quality apps for our clients and deal in creating apps for all genres including health, sports, cooking, learning and so on,” Darshan further added.


Our clients chose us because we provide them complete assistance with the App Store, BlackBerry World, Google Play and Windows Store. We assure award winning Mobile App Development Make an Inquiry about this news solutions at very competitive rates.

We do rigorous quality assurance testing of the applications before they are supplied finally to the clients. We opt friendly, open and collaborative working with our clients with a cross-functional team of professionals who are expert as well as talented.

About Kunsh Technologies:

Kunsh Technologies is one of the leading IT giant that assures quality delivery of the web, mobile or cloud applications to its customers. Kunsh Technologies has always fulfilled the promise of developing cool apps that are user-friendly and intuitive as well.

The company is in the app world since last 8 years and continue to serve its clients with custom-designed polished apps. If you want your app to be developed successfully and, in a cost,-friendly manner, visit Kunsh Technologies at:

www.kunshtech.com/ Make an Inquiry about this news

Or mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or Contact us at:

719A, Sakar IX, Nr. Old RBI, Ashram Road Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380009 GUJARAT. INDIA.

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