SynapseIndia leverages best communication strategy to deliver world-class IT services

SynapseIndia is delighted to reveal its communication strategy that has helped the company forge strong relationships with its clients across the world. The strategy has been recognized as one of the best methods of communication between businesses and clients. With a tried and tested communication protocol in place, the company has built a reputation of being a client-oriented software development company.

SynapseIndia implements an elaborate communication process for all of its projects. The process is laser-focused on understanding the requirements of clients and providing them with desired products and services.

This goal is mainly achieved by ensuring that all the stakeholders associated with a project clearly understand the needs and technical challenges surrounding a project. A regular communication makes sure that the development team and the client are on the same page in terms of desired outcomes of a project.  

Transparency remains at the top of SynapseIndia's management agenda. Leaders in the company are well aware that transparency is important to clients and employees alike.

By sharing all the information related to planning, development, and delivery of a project, SynapseIndia ensures that it has the full trust of its clients. Keeping up with that commitment to transparency, the development teams provide updates about projects according to clients' requirement.

The company maintains a detailed system of communication with clients featuring daily, weekly, and monthly reports. For example, if the client requires a monthly report, the team provides a comprehensive report of all the development activities and updates.

This cumulative report is created by collating daily data about different aspects and elements of the project. Moreover, weekly and fortnightly reports also render detailed information and technical updates about the projects.  

The type of update may vary from project to project and is mainly based on the kind of reporting sought by the client. If a client, for instance, needs a daily update, the team can collaborate with the client through platforms like Upwork to share daily information about the project.  

SynapseIndia stays in touch with clients via three different communication channels, namely email, Skype, and telephone. Professionals at the company use one or more of these communication mediums to make seamless conversation with clients.

Selection of the communication channel is mainly based on the client's preference and convenience.   Further, the company has a team of dedicated customer advocates who deal with all the concerns and queries of clients.

The team comprises highly experienced professionals with outstanding communication skills. They are known for being impressively friendly and supportive while addressing clients' concerns and requirements.  

To ensure that every single dimension of communication is properly addressed, the company maintains a process of international communication. In project status meetings, all the stakeholders of the project communicate with peers and supervisors that help them get an in-depth knowledge of the project in hand.   

The company regularly conducts training programs designed to improve communication skills among employees. Such programs address the potential challenges relating to efficient communication and offer effective measures to improve them.

Moreover, senior leaders and managers in the company leverage their communication skills to guide team members, creating an environment of uninterrupted communication and cooperation.   SynapseIndia stays committed to maintaining its world-class communication method to help clients easily get all required products and services.

Being a leading IT outsourcing services company, communication is crucial to its overall growth and excellence. All clients of SynapseIndia would agree that the company leaves no stone unturned to maintain its communication efficiency.

The company is determined to sustain its excellence while staying easily accessible to clients and prospective customers.

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