Nitor infotech launches software product development services 3.0

Nitor proudly launches the next generation of outsourced product development services – Software Product Development Services 3.0 ( – designed for blended digital environments.

In a digital-first world, CTOs, product managers and product engineers are innovating almost daily to fulfill the new surge of seamless customer experience and beat competition. With shrinking budgets and increasingly complex application environments, they need a technology partner who delivers structured product innovation (either incrementally or revolutionarily) to create immersive and engaging digital experiences that strengthens brand positioning.

Mr. C.E. Potnis, Founder and MD of Nitor Infotech said “Nitor’s Software Product Development Services 3.0 deploys rapid prototyping to create Minimum Viable Products (MVP), by combining UI/UX, data, mobility and elastic infrastructure. We build robust software products using principals of configurability, modularity with security, interoperability, and interfaces (APIs, queues, and service bus), monitoring and health checks.”


Sanjeev Fadnavis, President of Nitor Infotech further added “PDS 3.0 applies a mature set of engineering technologies and business strategies to develop and/or re-engineer mature products with accelerated time-to-market and to gain rapid market share.”

Unshackling from the parameterized definition of PDS 2.0, PDS 3.0 is pillared on

  1. Design Thinking with user centricity to create digital systems and experiences that provide scale and speed and enable viral user base growth
  2. Product Advisory based on 100+ product releases for neutral recommendations, architectural blueprints and product implementation roadmaps
  3. Flexible Engagements that are domain centric, KPI driven and outcome oriented designed to maximize product value

ISV CTOs – come and experience Software Product Development Services 3.0 for robust product delivery and roadmap.

About Nitor Infotech

We are ISV preferred Software Product Development Services 3.0 partner. Our product advisory consults for product roadmap and technology consulting.

We build world class software products and services with design thinking and all modern technologies for web, cloud, data and devices. Our domain consultants have built readily deployable and customizable accelerators to bring solutions to the fore rapidly.

Nitor's customer innovation tripod consists of Technology Centre of Excellence (TCoE), Thought Leadership and Continuous Investments. Our CoE engineering management practices – Software Product Development, Data and Analytics Engineering, Business Quality Assurance and industry best practices (Healthcare, Retail and Others) enables us for doing things right the first time making us trusted partners.

Our thought leadership helps customers to think and achieve on possibilities of business excellence. Our future investments are always planned for rolling 3 years considering our customers, employees and partners.  

Our flexibility and innovation in our delivery engagement models has resulted into multi-year, successful customer engagements with 5+ years.  We do our investments closely aligned to customer's vision, strategy and their problem areas.

The result is Nitor's Solution Accelerators which has helped our customer’s products achieve go-to-market with 30% reduced time.

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