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What is POS Software and Most Essential Features of Point of sale System

What is POS? POS (point of sale) system or software is a solution which has various features it helps the retailers to manage the retails work-in an easy &effective way. It is a combination of hard wares & software’s which can be operated in different gadgets according to the needs of retailers.

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Why is POS used?

It helps them to reduce the manual work so that we can reduce the common mistakes and give time for improving the business in a short period of time. It is has more features than other accounting software’s. It completely manage your business you can handle all your need using is this single software.

Where it is used?

It is used by both offline users and online user’s .it is most commonly used by the retailers in big level business and small level business the POS system is available according to both range businesses.

How POS can help the retailers?

The POS system has lot of features that helps the retailers the important features are given below.image

Fast billing:

Using the POS system we can bill in faster by having all the information in a single screen POS system also store all the account details and it is easy to bill using it with accuracy and you can connect bar code scanner in it for knowing the current rate of the product .POS system can be use in various billing counters in the same time using different logins.

Inventory management:

The inventory management is one of the effective features of the POS system which helps the retailers to manage the stocks to get out of stokes products according to customer needs .it also give notification of top selling items that we don’t have.

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Customer database management:

The POS system has an option to store customer details and it automatically send email to regular customers about out of stock details .so we can keep contact with our customers we can manage the stocks according to customer needs so we can satisfy the customers.

Automatic purchase program:

You can connect your pos system to customer orders list through internet so if any product is ordered in bulk by a customer we can manage the item by getting that faster .It also notice if an team selling faster and we don’t have sufficed stock so we can be ready for sale every time.

Mobility & flexibility:

The pos software can be used from any location using the internet connections it helps you to keep connected every time and it can be used in your Smartphone I pad so it help you mange you business any point of time.

Card payment security:

The POS system provide a complete secured payment it keep customer payment details confidently so the customer will get a complete satisfaction in dealing with you so we can get a loyal customers through it .

Report management:

POS report management feature we get a report for a month, week, annual report we can store all details of imports and exports by this we can get accurate report so we no need to spend time for the preparing the report .

Integrated shipping:

Shipping integrated is one of the important features It helps us to keep contact with the shipping carrier this helps us to keep details of import and export list.

Other features of POS:

Easy Touch with 100% touch screen compatibilities

Products can added to the cart through one touch Product addition features

Products can also be added through bar Code product addition feature either it’s a new customer or Returning. They can be managed easily through Customer Manager

Manage multiple warehouses through single clicks with Warehouse manager

Halt an order if the customer planned to purchase more or customer’s payment takes a little time to process Suspend Order features. You can suspend current order to process new order and retrieve your suspended order anytime

Cancel your customers anytime through cancel order feature

Generate Bill receipt through beautiful billing feature.

Quickly close the sales by proceeding to Payment features. Final bill with calculation for order will be generated and exact denomination will be shown to the biller

Biller can easily search the product by categories or sub categories or by brand name with One touch Category swipe or Sub Category Swipe or Brand Swipe

Gift card can be generated or redeemed through One Touch Gift Card feature

Quickly check out your current profit through Profit Manager Feature Securely close your cash register at the end of the day with required information like total sales, profit amount and so on through Close Register feature

Open your cash Registers with POS system at the beginning of the day by entering cash in hand amount.

These are the features commoner used in a advanced POS system for more details contact me here Make an Inquiry about this news

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