3D Printing the future of manufacturing

As we boldly march towards the future, we are continuously moving through innovation. This holds true for industries, lifestyle and world in general. The same is true for manufacturing also, as continuously chaThe manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and transportation industry are experiencing a period of fast and unprecedented change. The future of these industries lies in technology and innovation. It was not long ago that technologies like Augmented Reality (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), drone delivery and 3D printing were just considered as science fiction. Today, these innovations are cautiously used by the businesses and service providers for giving quicker, less expensive, more sustainable and reliable business policies. One such innovative technology that has the power to disrupt manufacturing is 3D printing. 3D Printing has been here for quite some time, but it has gained popularity in only recent years. The beauty of this technology is that it is a simple technology that can have its application on various fields. It has streamlined processes and lowered the barrier for anyone to design or create.nging manufacturing processes, the philosophies, and manufacturing equipment keep on advancing.