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Two new features of easy projects are aimed at speeding up the workflow

With the addition of the newest features which are Baselining and Approval Workflow, Logic Software improves its online task management platform Easy Projects even further. Now the software can speed up some of the routines.

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After realizing that market at that time didn’t provide any sufficient PM (project management) solutions, Logic Software decided to develop its own platform of such sort, and around 2003 Easy Projects was created. But the online task management software didn’t see a commercial release until 2004.

Since then Easy Projects has undergone a few reimagining and numerous improvements to its functionality.

And now the company has announced new enhancements to the PM platform that are aimed at further improving workflow for its clients. The latest features are:

  1. Baselining Make an Inquiry about this news

  2. Approval Workflow Make an Inquiry about this news

Both updates are designed for eliminating unnecessary routines and boosting collaboration, but the features accomplish their task in different ways.

The Baselining feature assists users in identifying reasons for missed targets.

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The developers of Easy Projects recognized that very often many task plans were made with a very optimistic target mark and as a result, the goal could be easily missed.

Baselining allows managers to capture the snapshot of the project for future analysis.

The Approval Workflow feature provides clients with an additional means of collaboration. Now every document, a set of documents or even entire tasks can be sent for approval to several co-workers with a capability for attachments.

An approval request appears in the user interface as a notification, effectively preventing it from being lost in a vast amount of emails or messages. Such small addition has a potential to speed up the entire workflow by just facilitating one simple routine.

One should keep in mind that both of these features are not in their final stage а development and will be improved along the way thanks to continuous feedback from the customers.

Easy Projects continues to grow and improve, making itself one of the most advanced online project management platforms available on the market right now. Furthermore, the software has a flexible pricing system, where companies can choose only the features that seem necessary and essential.

Easy Projects is also available as a free demo version for a trial period.

About Easy Projects and Logic Software Inc:

Logic Software Inc. is a successful software development company based in Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in two key aspects: web and desktop software development and commercial software development.

Easy Projects Make an Inquiry about this news is the bestselling product of Logic Software Inc. It is an online project management platform designed to suit the needs of companies from different industry domains and of various sizes.

It is available as both cloud-based SaaS and on-premises system. The project management software is highly-customizable and it supports an unlimited number of users and projects.

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