Secure your holiday home today to save thousands in the future

Many of us have a perception that holiday homes located in luxurious, instagrammable or rural locations are commonly crime-free. This common belief can easily leave you with huge out of pocket expenses without you even knowing it. By securing your holiday home now with a couple of hundred dollars will save you thousands in the future.

Get the Must-have Tool for holiday Home Owners

"Party houses". It's a term that gets used a lot when guests throw an unauthorised party at a holiday home. It ends with a huge bill for these property owners and bad press for hosting sites such as Airbnb. So what to do next? There is only so much screening, sites can do to minimise this from happening again in the future. Plus owners can't show up unannounced to check in on the activity of their property. This is where Minut comes in.

Secure your home with the right smart lock

Deciding to secure your home with a smart door lock seems like a simple decision. It means no more need for keys and access is simple. But then questions pop up. Did you want to integrate your lock with a smart home protocol? Maybe you want more than just pin access? Or maybe need to know how you can give someone a one off access? With so many varieties and options out in the marketplace, here's one way to give you the guidance and help to pick the right smart lock for you.