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The next BIG thing: Plow Consulting, WORKTECH Academy & Unwired Ventures launch the byteSIZED Guide to Utilisation Technology

WORKTECH Academy and Plow Consulting launch the byteSIZED Guide to Utilisation Technology, the latest report in the byteSIZED Guide series.

The guide profiles 33 different vendors of utilisation data collection sensors and software, in response to the growth in smart technology industry and its ability to aid in making informed decisions about building occupancy.

Initial quantitative and qualitative primary research revealed the increasing pressure that real estate professionals are faced with to minimise costs and increase efficiency of property portfolios. Accompanied by secondary research extracted from the vendor’s websites, product demonstrations and associated documents, this report seeks to guide real estate professionals and facility managers to decide upon the most suitable solution for their organisation.

The vendor profiles written in this report include the vendor’s method of collecting data, type of technology used, hardware and software required, connectivity to the cloud using technology such as wi-fi, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and mobile networks.