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Electrical Safety tips during Construction Site

Electrical mishaps are very common in a lot of places, but they are most likely to occur in the construction sites.

Here is a list of some electrical safety tips which you should keep in mind and also educate your workers regarding this to avoid any electrical accidents from occurring in the long run.


  1. Training and supervision

As stated above, the major concern for the site owners should be the wellbeing of the people working on site. They would maintain electrical safety in construction site only when they are properly trained to do so.

They should be kept under supervision for whatever task they take up and we should make sure they know the repercussions of any mistake they make on the site.

They will safely work on the site only when they have enough knowledge about what they are doing.

  1. Emergency planning

On a construction site, there should be a safety management system for the security of the property and the workers as well. On work, staff should be trained on dealing with any mishaps that are bound to happen.

The staff should be trained with emergency drills so they can help themselves out of the situation. While you are preparing an emergency plan, you must consider the size and location of the construction site, the number, and composition of workers, the nature of the work and its hazards, and the views of the workers.

  1. First aid

The workers should have access to proper first aid facilities. There should be workers trained to give CPR and also be trained enough to help each other with minute injuries and know when the problem persists and the ambulance must be called.

These would be some cautionary actions which the site supervisor must take care of. Now let us tell you the hazards which workers on site may face and should take care of while working on a construction site.

  • Overhead power lines: It is said more than 50% of accidents on a construction site occur due to interaction in a wrong manner with the power lines overhead. One of the major reason for these is stated above, regarding lack of knowledge which the onsite workers have, so if the machines are placed too close to the power lines it causes electricity to pass through them and also through anyone standing near them. which causes a major electrical accident.
  • Electrical machinery or equipment: It is very important if you are working with any electrical appliance on the construction site, you are well trained in using that appliance. There are few things to keep in mind before operating any electrical equipment is to inspect the entire machine visually first and not directly touch the instrument. It is highly advisable to use electrical safety gloves Make an Inquiry about this news when are operating any electrical equipment on site. You should check all the plugs and connections properly before switching on the appliance and never ever use a damaged equipment at all.

Apart from these two major hazards on site, there are also underground wires in a few construction places and they are dangerous as they would be hidden and the workers should be careful while digging in the sand. This is likely to take place while working on the streets or pavements, so proper instructions about this should be given to the workers handling these tasks on the construction site.

The key to electrical safety in construction is training and supervising the workers and also having a proper emergency plan made for any possible accident which may occur.

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