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Top 3 Email Security Tips For Businesses

Email security is the major concern of everyone. Learn how to secure your email from hackers.

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Email security is the most concerned topic of everyone. Many business users are facing email security issues.The main issue behind it is that the companies aren’t properly educating their employees about the email protocol.

Let's learn how to be more responsible with your emails.

Create Unique Password

The unique password doesn’t mean that you will keep your password as “password”, “hacked”, “favorites”, “qwerty” etc. these are the few passwords that can be easily hacked. Here creating strong password means to evolve special characters, numbers, alphabets, mixed case etc, Length is the main issue short password can be easily solved.

Best thing is to use 12-14 characters with special characters, numbers, alphabets and mixed cases in the password.

Never Click on any unknown Emails Links

Links sent in emails is quite normal.

Individuals and organizations add links on email body, signature, and even on the images. Getting links on email is OK from the trusted source but getting links from an unknown source can be dangerous. Cybercriminals insert links in emails to infect your computer with virus or malware.

Thus, it is advised by the security experts not to click on any links sent in email until and unless you are 100% sure.

Beware Of the Phishing Scams

Phishing scam was born since email was invented. They are like the twins who cannot be separated. Scam email and the genuine email are quite hard to distinguish. These scam emails look so real and attractive that a normal computer user doesn’t stop themselves into clicking them.

Though we got junk or spam folder still sometimes we come across these types of email in user’s inbox folder.

At some extend our email servers detect these phishing scams emails but still few emails get skipped from their eye and enter in our inbox. You need to be careful from these types of emails that ask for your sensitive information. The lesson is that never provide your confidential data over email. Never open any unknown emails attachments.

Hope the above given email security tips will be performed by you in order to stay safe.

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