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Milestone Systems announces industry-first collaborative Experience Centre

Video Management Software vendors Milestone Systems have changed the playing field with their new Experience Centre, an interactive hub which allows integrators, resellers and customers to pick and choose the elements they want in a security solution.

The Experience Centre, based at Milestone's new headquarters in Port Melbourne, is a collaborative venture featuring Milestone and nine hand-picked partners.

The Centre will offer partners and customers an interactive, hands-on experience, which allows them to try different options and pick the best security solution for their needs.

Jordan Cullis, Country Manager for South Pacific at Milestone, stated:

“This is a world-leading innovation, which will allow partners, service providers and customers the opportunity to define exactly what they need in a security solution, see first-hand what all the permutations will look like, then walk away with exactly what they need - all from the one location.”

The Experience Centre will be an open, collaborative space featuring technology from Milestone Systems as well as nine partner vendors. Interactive displays will allow stakeholders to get a ‘hands-on’ feel for their solution as it evolves.

“If you’re looking at cameras, we can offer different solutions for a vast array of divergent needs. Think analytics might be worth a look? We can show you how to get maximum value out of your video data.

If you need to see how Facial Recognition will work with your solution, we will add it to the mix right in front of you. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get a true, tailor-made solution.”

Experts in each field will take up residence at the Experience Centre, on hand to walk stakeholders through each step of the planning and deployment process. Vendors involved include:

  • Allied Telesis – providing network infrastructure
  • Axis Communications - cameras
  • Dell – servers
  • Hikvision – cameras
  • Imagus – facial Recognition software
  • Inner Range – access control and security solutions
  • Ipsotek – video analytics
  • Mobotix – cameras
  • Promise – storage solutions

Country Manager ANZ for Axis Communications, Wai King Wong, said of the collaboration:

“This is an important step for security in the region, as it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to work together and bring new levels of flexibility and innovation to the industry. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and this is a big step towards harnessing some of that power and bringing it to market in a convenient and effective manner.”

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