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Carbon Black reports rise in ‘island hopping’ by cyber criminals

Cyber criminals are ramping up an attack technique called ‘island hopping’ which targets both networks and supply chains, according to security vendor Carbon Black.

The information comes in the company’s latest Global Incident Response Threat Report, which aggregates key findings from incident response (IR) partner investigations during the past 90 days.

Carbon Black’s 100-plus IR partners conducted more than 500 response engagements in 2018 and continue to use Carbon Black solutions in more than one engagement per day, on average. The report’s insights chronicle Carbon Black partners’ experiences during these critical engagements.

Key findings include:

  • Half of today’s surveyed attacks leverage ‘island hopping’, meaning attackers are not only after a network, but also supply chains
  • More than half of survey respondents (56%) encountered instances of counter-incident response in the past 90 days
  • 70% of all attacks now involve attempts at lateral movement, according to the survey results, as attackers take advantage of new vulnerabilities and native operating system tools to move around a network
  • Nearly a third (31%) of targeted victims now experience destructive attacks, the survey noted — an alarming byproduct of attackers gaining better and more prolonged access to targets' environments.

Tom Kellermann, Carbon Black’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer, says: "Attackers are fighting back.

They appear to have no desire to leave the environment. And they don’t just want to rob an organisation and those along its supply chain. In the parlance of the dark web, attackers these days appear to want to ‘own’ the entire system.”

Survey results suggest that the financial and healthcare industries remain most vulnerable to destructive attacks, but the threat to manufacturing companies has grown significantly. In the days, nearly 70% of all respondents saw attacks on the financial industry, followed by healthcare (61%) and manufacturing (59%, up from 41% in the previous report).

The full report from Carbon Black is here:…eport/april-2019/

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