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Bitglass cautions IT professionals after latest security lapse

Bitglass, the next-gen CASB company, warned IT professionals today that a simple security mistake by IT professionals can have catastrophic consequences.

Referring to news of the security breach that exposed huge volumes of data belonging to clients of Rubrik, a security and cloud management firm, Bitglass CMO Rich Campagna said: “It does not take much effort for outsiders to find unsecured databases and access sensitive information these days. 

“This breach is a classic example of a simple security mistake resulting in massive amounts of customer data being exposed.” 

Campagna added: “Exposing this number of records to the public internet is a significant offence by the organisation and one that we’ve seen dozens of times in the past year, yet it is unlikely that we’ll see anything change unless organisations take the initiative in protecting corporate data.

“Leaving a server publicly accessible is simply unacceptable.  Even smaller companies with limited IT resources must ensure that they are properly securing data.  

“Companies must realise that failing to invest in cyber security readiness has widespread repercussions and can spell disaster for data protection, data subject wellbeing, regulatory compliance and brand reputation.”

The exposed Rubrik server wasn’t protected with a password, allowing access to anyone who knew where to find the server. The database itself, running on a hosted Amazon Elasticsearch server, was storing tens of gigabytes of data, including customer names, contact information and case work for each corporate customer.

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