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Third annual capital markets guide from Sybase discusses how to succeed in today’s diverse, highly volatile financial markets

Sybase, Inc., an SAP® company (NYSE: SAP) and a leading provider of enterprise and mobile software, today announced the release of the Capital Markets Guide 2012 –a collection of industry insights from SAP and Sybase executives, partners, industry leaders, analysts and academics. As the third annual guide, this year’s edition shines a light on the nature of financial markets in the past year while tackling the challenges inside financial institutions, including big data, risk exposure, market volatility, vacillating regulations and the latest advanced trading techniques.

With market volatility becoming the new normal, now is the time to harness the power of technology and human expertise. The ultimate goal is to make smarter trades at the speed of business and the Capital Markets Guide 2012 provides expert insights and clear directions so market participants everywhere quickly can make decisions based on the most useful data available.

In the introduction to the Capital Markets Guide 2012, John Chen, Sybase chairman and CEO, writes: “The volatile nature of financial markets across the globe made hearts race during the last 12 months. Upturns and downturns have become part of the routine, yet preparing for them is anything but routine. Rapid change across business processes, technology and strategies has made markets and financial services firms in North America, Europe and Asia much different than they were five years ago.”

While the 2010 guide examined a dynamic regulatory environment and the 2011 guide looked at new opportunities in expanding markets, this year’s edition covers the opportunities to prosper and succeed in today’s multidimensional, volatile environment.

“Every issue of the Capital Markets Guide takes an in-depth look at profit-driving and risk mitigation activities within financial organisations,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Worldwide Marketing and Business Solutions Operations, Sybase, an SAP Company. “This year’s guide includes practical, useful information that can help organisations be more competitive with respect to global market fluctuations and uncertainty.”

Divided into five chapters spanning key topics of Big Data, Market Structure, Risk and Regulation, Advanced Trading and Market Research, the 2012 guide features contributions from industry experts, including Accenture, Cognilytics, Credit Suisse Group, Deloitte Consulting, Exegy, Headstrong, Interactive Data Corporation, Lepus, Quantia Analytics, Revolution Analytics, Rosenblatt Securities, TABB Group, Tokyo Stock Exchange, TowerGroup and TraderTools.

To download a copy of the Capital Markets Guide 2012 and for more information on Sybase’s Capital Markets solutions, visit: and the Sybase Trading & Risk Technology blog.