A beginner’s guide to Social Media Marketing: An answer to the WHO’S and HOW’S of social media marketing

The dawn of the Internet revolutionized the world and soon social media took over countries by a storm. Business progressed on a large scale and communication across continents was made easy. The revolution of Social Media put people into frenzy and soon everyone reverted to Social Media for communication, entertainment and most importantly commercial activities. Commercialization soon led to the practice of marketing on social media which in turn resulted in a new concept being introduced known as Social Media Marketing. So, what exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Inside View of Key Features and Issues in Social Media App Development


The concept of social networking has revolutionized the world strongly. Actually, this is the only thing, which keeps you connected with your loved ones. It would not be wrong to say that today social media has not only become a fashionable trend but also a necessity to stay active in the digital world.

5 Lesson To Be Learnt From Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scam

5 Lesson To Be Learnt From Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scam

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In the light of the recent Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal, Facebook went through PR hell. Due to negligence in part of the social media company, user data of several Facebook users were siphoned. This was then sold off to the data analytics firm - Cambridge Analytica.

7 effective ways to use Twitter for your next event

Marketing and promoting your event is incomplete without Twitter. It helps in building stronger relationships with your attendees, create networking opportunities and engage them far better than any other platform.

loneliness epidemic and technology

The UK is currently in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. While feelings of isolation can affect people of any age, it’s particularly pertinent in the older generation. A recent survey in support of the Jo Cox commission on loneliness found that 73% of older people are lonely — and over half have never told someone how they feel.