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Nail down digital marketing strategy by incorporating gifs

A combination of gif with digital marketing strategy which has made the brand positioning successful. But it depends on the strategy to incorporate it.

GIFs have flashed intermittently across the mobile apps which have already fluttered within the multiple profiles of MySpace profiles. Many of you must have witnessed in Tumblr, Social avatars, animated advertising and web forums, but raise your hand how many of you have the perception of GIFs history?

GIF acronym of Graphic Interchange format introduced by Steve Wilhite in June 1987. It travelled a long way from black and white image to 256 colours.

Although its animated capabilities easily challenged by the flipbook with the rising threat of litigations from parents companies.

But this time integrating regular image with short video has strived it with immense popularity.

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Benefits of incorporating GIFs in digital marketing strategies

Easy to consume

GIF is mobile-friendly which is easy to consume yet can be shared easily which emerges the viral capacity to ensure its omnipresence. It works as the medium for communicating messages and considered to be a great tool to punctuate effectively the digital marketing strategy.

Immediate call-to-action

The main essence of digital marketing is to bring different ways in order to capture the attention of the audience. This is equally possible with GIFs.

GIFs are unparalleled while rendering effective use of call-to-actions. Animated GIFs are compelling enough to intrusively noticeable.

For instance Mountain Dew not only posted a GIF, but impelling enough to give its audience call to action. It has made it effective further, combining GIF with a contest where Mountain Dew incentivized Twitter users to Tweet and Share in order to enhance the user engagement.

Appealing than image, but cheaper than Video

In case you actively participate in social media, then you might be aware that the visual is the king in digital marketing. From visuals to viral image, and from memes to pictorial lists, an image is capable enough to speak more than thousands of words.

But here cost factors play a significant role. Hence  GIFs is more compelling than image but affordable than video.

Considerable part of internet culture

Although GIFs are leading a prime as far as internet life is concerned. GIFs have turned so much ubiquitous and has become a part of the internet culture.

With its offshoot formats for instance GIFs art, reaction GIFs and Tumbler GIF set, it has still been a part of the internet culture despite the changes in the deployment of content and communication in order to keep the brand intact.

Promotion becomes engrossing

While planning for mobile app marketing strategies B2B digital marketing, Agency marketing, and Content Marketing play a considerable role in order to capture the considerable market. GIFs have proved to be perhaps more successful over traditional advertising which can either be incorporated into social media in order to adopt a different yet appealing path to make the audience informed.

Things to consider before integrating GIFs in digital marketing

Proper Featuring of products

Although various giants jumped on GIF bandwagon since it can quickly tell a story that will ultimately grab the users’ attention. While most of the people don’t prefer to watch full-minute long video.

Here GIF can be somehow blissful and can be easily accommodated into the busiest schedule. So sharing GIF or sharing a short snippet can highlight the feature of product.

Visualisation of data

If you are into the domain of digital marketing, then visualisation plays a significant part. Now the question is, “is it possible to nail down data science with GIF?”

While GIF is brought into use for flow based stories, it can elevate the level of content and presenting thing quite interesting with the short snippets incorporated with data.

Different platform has respective protocol


While Facebook does not entirely support the direct uploading of GIF but can easily be uploaded by, Giphy into the website or blog while pasting URL of Facebook post. Initially Facebook only supported animated GIFs directly from the personal accounts.

But recent changes can now brand with Facebook page in order to get on the action.


Twitter has brought a favourable change to incorporate GIF with GIF library enable to search for a topic and can be directly inserted from the compose box.


Although Instagram does not entirely support importing of animated GIF, but MP4 can be directly posted with the similar feature of auto play and look similar to an animated GIF.

Avoid using irrelevant content

How does it make any sense that we are dealing with education app and your GIF is targeting steps to make your cheeks rosy? GIFs always absorb easy to digest content with the ultimate motive to retain attention. Light and instructional content is somehow always welcoming.

So, GIF can be supportive if and only if, relevant content is integrated in short snippets. Mind it, you are making the user’s timeline at stake.

Casual attitude is detrimental

Cool attitude must not be compared with modern approach. A serious and instructional content always enhance the user engagement since no one would spare their precious time on GIF with casual attitude.

Wrapping up!

GIFs are so much interesting to see and hence when it is integrated in digital marketing strategy then the advantages are bound to enhance. But it cannot be added with ambiguity.

Hence aforesaid things must be regarded seriously so that your million dollar strategy does not get wasted unaccountably.

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