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Social media and hospitality: how to communicate with your guests

No more than a decade ago, it wasn’t that simple to destroy the reputation of a business. Now, one bad rating can bury a company, and especially so if you’re in the hospitality niche.

If a customer finds a stain on their sheets, or a dirty glass on their dining table, the following will happen; they’ll take a photo of it, spread it all around social media, and even visit hospitality rating websites to post their review.

On the other hand, if your service meets or even exceeds their expectation, everyone on the internet will know about it as well. However, you need to be ready for both situations and know how to deal with them.

Your Goal Is Omnipresence
Obviously, you’re more interested in how to deal with negative comments Make an Inquiry about this news.

Well, the most important thing in this case is damage control.
But, you can’t really take care of every complaint if you don’t know about them. So, in order to be aware of every bad review, you need to establish a presence on every social platform that counts.

The fact is your guests won’t hesitate from reaching out to you directly, so every time there’s a comment, or if someone uses a hashtag related to you specifically, you’ll receive a notification.

Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Another important aspect of communicating with your audience is knowing how, when and what to share. Here’s what to expect in 2018.
● Videos Are Huge on Facebook
The popularity of videos on Facebook is raging – if you want to gather the attention of your audience, you should invest in this type of content.
● Evoke Emotion Via Instagram
Your Instagram account shouldn’t look like a catalogue of your services. Make it more human and share content that will evoke emotion.
● Snapchat Is all about the Present
You need to be fast on this platform. So, if you want to use Snapchat, make sure you have enough manpower.

You can also you hotel guest experience software, which we’ll talk about in a bit.
● Keep It Professional on LinkedIn
Although LinkedIn is swamped with personal content, it still is a professional network, only used in the wrong way. Therefore, make sure to use it in the right manner and share content related to your business.
● Share News Via Twitter
Although there are some innovations that Twitter wants to implement in 2018, this platform will still be a news portal that shares precise, direct information.

An Official Tone Is Considered to Be Rigid
Whichever platform you’re on, you need to have one thing in mind – you shouldn’t behave like a business owner, but like a regular, friendly user.

Pleasantries are fine – of course you should be polite to your guests. However, if you boast a corporate attitude, you will build a wall between you and your guests.

Furthermore, it will be perceived as arrogant.

So, it’s in your best interest to keep it casual – which is the simplest form of communication. It goes without saying that you need to be respectful, and that your grammar and spelling need to be bulletproof.

Put a Positive Spin on Negative Reviews
If you work in hospitality, you already know that having thick skin is a necessity in this line of work.

Negative reviews are not to be taken personally. Whenever you encounter one, any sort of negative emotion you might be experiencing needs to be suffocated.

You need to act like a business owner, and welcome criticism as a professional.

So, when there’s a negative comment, first you need to apologize for the bad service, because the guest’s experience is what counts. Then, you should be a down-to-earth businessman, say that you’ll do everything in your power to correct your mistake, and that you hope you’ll have an opportunity to welcome that certain guest again so that you can provide them with a premium experience.

Keep Track of Feedback Via One Platform
It all depends on the size of your business. Unless you have a team of people to deal with social platforms, you should consider different options, like hotel reputation management software Make an Inquiry about this news.

For that reason, you should explore the advantages of using hotel reputation management software or social listen tools. It’s a very simple yet very useful tool that will enable you to gather all notifications under one roof, which will enable you to achieve a high response rate.

Otherwise, you’ll have to jump from tab to tab, trying to get a hold of everything that’s going on. It’s obvious that this kind of approach is a mistake waiting to happen.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media; bad reviews can bring serious damage to your business if you’re not able to conduct damage control. With these tips in mind, and with the right tool, you’ll be able to contribute to public opinion and gain new guests instead of losing the old ones.

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