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7 effective ways to use Twitter for your next event

Marketing and promoting your event is incomplete without Twitter. It helps in building stronger relationships with your attendees, create networking opportunities and engage them far better than any other platform.

Social media platforms have played a significant role in promoting and marketing events. Event promotion is not all about informing, rather it is more about engaging.

In the event industry, Twitter has continued to grow and has delivered as a brand-marketing platform.

It is second to Facebook as the most useful social network Make an Inquiry about this news for event marketers (37% votes for Facebook and 36% for Twitter).

Twitter is the most powerful tool to connect with the relevant audience and gain traction through hashtags etc. How can you incorporate Twitter into a marketing tool for your event? Here are some of the tips that can be helpful in boosting your event promotion, marketing and gaining traction.

Custom Event Hashtag for Traction

The best way to promote your event is through custom event hashtag. It would allow you to track conversions and retweets by your followers.

In order to make your hashtag go viral just keep three things in mind i.e. keep it short and easy to remember, establish the hashtag before the event takes place and lastly your hashtag is unique and does not coincide with other events.

We have discussed in detail about how to create a perfect hashtag for events. Your hashtag is the way to gain traction and most importantly, it allows you track your followers and vice versa.

Share, Curate and Post Content

Twitter is all about sharing, retweeting and posting new content to attract the target audience. Make sure to frequently curate and post content around your event along with retweet mentions an event hashtag.

It will help you strengthen your engagement levels with your target audience and boost your thought leadership in your domain.

Twitter Targeted Advertising Platform

Another great way to attract and engage an audience is by making use of Twitter Targeted Advertising Platform. It is useful especially when you are short on time and want to gather an audience to register for your event.

Before you utilize advertising as means to gather an audience, make sure to allocate budget. How much you are willing to spend, what results in you expect and what ROI is expected in terms of money spent.

Engage Audience Before, After and During the Event

Twitter is not only meant for the engaging audience before the event. You should continue to engage your audience by tweeting during and after the event.

The important aspect to keep your audience engaged is by taking necessary steps throughout all stages.

Even if the event is ended, there might be possibilities that you would get more followers and boost engagement. In the future, those new followers will possibly attend your next event.

Moreover, if you own a mobile conference app, you can integrate Twitter feeds to engage more audience. You will be able to interact and collect feedback from attendees, which will help you in the future events as well.

Twitter Handle on Company’s Resources

Company’s resources such as blog, presentations, videos, and Infographics are the great way to promote your event. However, these resources must include Twitter Handle to gain additional followers and further open the doors engage with your audience.

Moreover, it will also increase the number of impressions on the hashtag you have created for your event. You can utilize mobile event app before, during and after the event to engage attendees on various social media platforms including Twitter.

Engage in Live Tweet during the Event

On the event day, you need to assign a person to manage your twitter’s account. The person will be responsible for making announcements, posting tweets, answering attendee questions, sharing pictures and videos, and retweeting.

It will help you engage your audience throughout the event and leave a long lasting impression of your event. For those who were not able to attend the event will also be involved, ensuring Twitter success.

Use a Twitter wall

Twitter wall can be used in various ways and is a great visual tool. You can display all off your event activities surrounding your event hashtag.

Make sure to get creative as much as possible by sharing updates in real time. Keeping your twitter wall active can encourage people to be engaged with your event and contribute largely to spreading your event on the biggest social media platform.


Twitter is a great way to develop stronger relationships with your audience. Not only you can engage with attendees present at the event, but also who couldn’t attend due to some reasons.

It all depends on how well you utilize the power of social media and engage your audience around an event hashtag.

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